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Player Ratings: Twelve Straight Big XII Championships Edition


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas clinches its twelfth straight Big XII regular season title, so it’s time for a special edition of the player ratings.


10 - Magical, extraterrestrial, godlike

9 - Outstanding, truly fantastic, utterly brilliant

8 - Great, excellent

7 - Good

6 - Slightly above average, close to ‘Good’

5 - Slightly below average

4 - Poor

3 - Terrible

2 – Disastrous


Frank Mason- 12- Remember that time when KU was a game back and the sky was falling?  Yep, that was a long time ago and now it’s 12 straight.

Wayne Selden- 12- Sometimes Wayne plays a great game, sometimes he slumps.  Kansas always wins the Big XII. Twelve straight!

Devonte’ Graham- 12- Devonte’ had the best score in the rankings until today.  Twelve for everyone!

Perry Ellis- 12- Contrary to popular belief, Perry has only been around for the last four of these titles.

Landen Lucas- 12- This is Landen’s fourth straight title as well. Did I mention that Kansas has won twelve of these things in a row?


Jamari Traylor- 12- Five regular season titles for Jamari! That seems like more rings than Georges Niang has, but my math could be wrong.

Carlton Bragg- 12- This twelfth straight title couldn’t have been won without Carlton’s sideline dances.

Cheick Diallo- 12- As of this moment, consecutive regular season conference titles: Kansas 12, Kentucky 1, North Carolina 0, Duke, 0.

Hunter Mickelson- 12- The only transfer on the squad knows nothing but winning conference titles.  As it should be.

Brannen Greene- 12- Brannen is the master of the three point bomb, twelve is conveniently divisible by three. If Kansas wins again next year, all the numbers work out for Greene. Except it will be 13 then.  I’m sure we’ll adjust.

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk- 12- Канзас виграв дванадцять прямих чемпіонатів конференції (Kansas has won twelve straight conference championships)

Rest of the bench- 12- The thing is, these guys get to celebrate number 12 just like the members of the team that play the majority of minutes.

Bill Self- 12- I’m not sure KU fans can adequately appreciate this guy anymore.  This streak is one of, if not the most amazing streak of any kind in any sport. I mean, it happens every year. EVERY. YEAR.