Visualizing RCT

The introduction of the RCT Youtube channel has shattered some of my expectations of what the contributors here look like. I've developed [probably absurd] mental images of many of you. I thought it might be fun to share. But 2 disclaimers first:

  1. I left many members out, so don't be offended if you aren't here. And some things are exaggerated for effect, so don't be offended--I only included people I actively like.
  2. I'm a white male and I tend to view otherwise anonymous people as white males by default. I don't like that about myself, but I didn't try to hide it here.
So without further ado:


Misterbrain is LDS, and I'm a stereotyping jerk who sees the world in one dimension, so every post he writes is said by this guy:



Mike is the resident conservative. Actually, I'm not sure he's really that conservative, but he sure seems like one next to Pen and Sax. At any rate, I view him as an amalgamation of a bunch of conservative sports junkies I knew in school. He hits the gym a couple times a week but also doesn't hold back from eating whatever animal flesh and drinking whatever fermented grain he wants because freedom. He's a burly, brawny, hairy, personable dude with a bit of facial hair.

Of interest: searching for this picture brought up waaaaay too many dickpicks. So I just went with Jack Black if he was taller and stronger:



He's a stats geek. So I picture this guy:


Frat. He's all three of these guys:



No explanation needed.


Sax Solo

Sax is great. But I recently started reading his posts in this guy's voice to great hilarity:



Okay, I sort of stole this picture, but I thought it was perfect:


Not pictured: powercat tramp stamp on the small of his back


Furnace from BOTC:


Feel free to share your own!