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KU Predictions: Texas Tech

The Honorable Crew of RCT puts their heads together to enlighten the townspeople as to the adventures of the heroes of the roundball.

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The hour is nigh at hand! The Jayhawks of the House of Kansas doth accept the challenge from the crimson-donned Raiders of the House of Technology in the land of Texas in a game of orb on this 27th of February in the year two thousand sixteen. Will the Heroes of Lawrence be successful in defending their fair city? The seers of RCT gaze into the future and grace us with what they see.

David: Texas Tech has been playing very well lately, but this is a title-clinching game in the Phog. Tech has been getting to the line a lot (2nd most in the Big 12, and when they get there, they hit a league-leading 76% of them. They also rarely foul on the other end. That, combined with running one of the slowest offenses in the league may keep this from getting out of hand, but no matter how pesky the Red Raiders are, they aren't stealing this game in Lawrence. Kansas 74, Texas Tech 64

KU Grad 08: Since Kansas has a chance to clinch the title, you know those Big 12 refs will do everything in their power to make sure the Jayhawks win. Because Big 12-only refs exist, and for some reason, having a school located in Kansas win the Big 12 in basketball every season totally benefits the league in some way and thus the powers that be at the top make sure it happens. Kansas 72, Texas Tech 63

Winmore: Voting for the Big 12 Coach of the Year should look like this - #1 Bill Self, #2 Bob Huggins, #3 Tubby Smith. You think Minnesota is pleased with Richard Pitino now? Smith has done a fantastic job down in Lubbock. He’s put the Raiders in a legit position to crash the NCAA Tournament. A win in Lawrence would likely seal that deal. Unfortunately for the Raiders, I don’t see that happening. At Allen, with a chance to clinch a 12th ring, the Jayhawks should take care of business on Saturday. Kansas 76, Texas Tech 65

dnoll5 Tangent: Tubby Smith has done a nice job, but why does the fact that when a team is predicted to be bad and turns out to be good automatically qualify a coach to be Coach of the Year? You were picked ninth and will finish 7th. Big Deal. How about winning the league when you are targeted by every team as their "game of the year"? How about going into opposing gyms in the one game a year that the fan base gives a crap and still punking them? How about living up to high expectations rather than exceeding extremely low ones? Kansas 88, Texas Tech 68

mikeville: It’s an early, 11 AM start, so it’s possible the Jayhawks come out a little sleepy. But this is for 12 straight. There’s just no way they don’t clinch today. Welcome to the lion’s den, Texas Tech. Here’s your meat necklace. Kansas 78, Texas Tech 62

fizzle406: I think Kansas wins Kansas 78, TTech 67

misterbrain: Texas Tech is no pushover and have already taken down some big names on the road. However, there really is no place like Allen Fieldhouse, and Kansas is looking to wrap up their Big 12th title. Kansas 86, Texas Tech 81