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The RCT Show: Episode 1

The YouTube channel is up and running!

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, episode one of The RCT Show had to battle its way through some technical difficulties and schedule changes. In the end, only two of the four people originally scheduled to participate were able to appear, but ultimately, we got the show recorded and posted. It actually went up on the YouTube channel last night (if you had subscribed to it, you would probably know that already could have seen it before everyone else, but you didn't subscribe, did you?), but we have it up on the site for your viewing pleasure today. While Fetch and I are two really good looking guys, you don't need the video, so feel free to hook it up to your car stereo and listen to it on your commute as though it was a podcast.

Join Fetch and I as we discuss the K-State game, the state of the Sunflower showdown, tonight's game against Baylor, and thoughts and expectations on the rest of the season as it starts to draw to a close. If you ever want to be involved in a show, or have a video you'd like to have posted on the channel, please email or tweet me. This is an exciting new feature for the site and I'd like to get as much content going as possible. And as always, please remember to subscribe to the channel and hit the "thumbs up" button on the video. The more numbers we get going, the better content we can provide for you!

As always, questions? Comments? Drop me an email at, or reach out to me on Twitter @bl_analytics