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Welcome to the RCT YouTube Channel/Kansas State Preview

This is our first video on the all-new RCT YouTube Channel, and a brief discussion about tonight's Kansas State game.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

RCT would like to proudly announce the creation of its very own YouTube channel! This channel will host podcast-type discussions on KU sports, perhaps some game previews and recaps, and even video submissions from readers/viewers. If you ever shoot a video on your phone at a game or on campus and think it should be seen by RCT's readers, be sure to e-mail it to me and I'll see that it gets added. This can turn into a really special feature for the site, so as you'll hear me beg you to do in the videos, please be sure to subscribe and "like" the videos. The better are numbers are, the better are chances are for attracting good interviewees.

Below is the first video. Just a couple of quick notes before you watch: First, it's just me talking into my laptop camera for about 15 minutes. I start by introducing the channel, and then it turns into a preview of tonight's game. It was a little awkward sitting in my living room talking at my computer, so I stammer a bit here and there and say "um" a lot. Deal with it. I'll be having guests for most of the content so things should only get better from here. Second, after the music stops you won't be able to hear me for a few seconds. Don't worry, the audio resolves itself pretty quickly and I'm not saying anything important anyway.

If you're interested in being on any future broadcasts, be sure to drop me a line. We'll publish as many recordings as we're capable of making. You can watch the video below, but be sure to hit up the RCT Channel and hit subscribe as well!