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West Virginia @ Kansas: The View from Section 5

The following are the notes that I took during the game. Think of it as live-tweeting, though some comments are longer than 140 characters.

This was the view from Section 5.
This was the view from Section 5.

I know most of those reading this have been to games in Allen. But for those who haven't, or for those who haven't been for a while, here's a first-person account. And seriously, if you've never gone, make sure it's on your bucket list. Definitely something to experience at least once in this lifetime.

The Setup

Taking the folks to their first-ever conference game at AFH.

They haven't been to a game of any kind in 12 years.

We get there as soon as the doors open.  Linger in the Hall of Athletics for a while.

Check out the National Championship trophies.

Check out the Orange Bowl trophy.

Check out the 11 conference title rings.

Lots of good stuff in there, but it's time to head to the arena.

Sweet, these are going to be the best seats I've ever had!

At the free throw line facing the KU bench, about halfway up.

Is dunking in pregame not a technical anymore?  Both teams are doing it.

Mrs. Mikeville looked it up - pregame dunking technical was abolished in the "rules changes" last summer.

Ugh, who brings an under 1-year old and an under 3-year old to an event like this?

Of course they sit right in front of us.

Lol how funny would it be if they're reading this right now.

These people are going to miss most of the game cuz they'll be messing around with kids.

Seems dumb.

And if they are reading this, I'm not apologizing.  Get a babysitter next time.

Pregame here is amazing.

The floor literally shakes.

If you don't get chills, something is wrong with you.

About half of the West Virginia team watched the pregame intro.

The Game

Volleyball team honored during the first media timeout.

What a cool story that was.

Wow, I've never heard 16,000 people be so quiet (during a KU free throw).  Well, except for the last KU football game I went to.

Baby is crying now.

It's like church, people.  At some point you have to take him out because THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND YOU.

Seemed like a weak Technical on Selden.

Ok, seeing the replay, maybe not so weak.

I'll give KUAthletics credit, they almost always show the replay.  They don't care if it "shows up the refs" or not.

Looking at you, Kansas City Royals.

Well for those of you who are all high and mighty about KSU and ISU booing every call, it's quite frankly pretty bad here at Allen as well.  I mean, the boos are worse on the really bad calls, but anything that doesn't go KU's way gets a chorus of some kind.

TV timeouts are a buzzkill. I mean that literally.

Anytime the Jayhawks go on a run and get up 10 or 12 and the place starts rocking, BUZZZZZZ timeout. It really is a momentum killer - everyone just sits on their hands for two or three minutes.

Huggins is also doing a good job of calling timeouts at the right time.

Perry about knocked the lid off this place when he hits that 3-ball with just over 3 minutes left in the game.

It's as loud as it's been all night now.

Huggy Bear timeout!

Video board shows clip from Anchorman - Well that escalated quickly.

Indeed it did.

People started leaving with about 2 minutes left.

Another victory, this time over a top-10 team.

Ho-hum I guess.

Was it just me, or did Lucas and Greene have pretty good games?

Lucas seemed a lot more assertive most of the time.  Could still have been more aggressive when KU had numbers after breaking the press a few times.  But I do remember him dunking it twice!

Greene seemed to have a good game - got a lot of minutes, hit some shots.

Selden was aggressive when he needed to be.

Just a good performance all the way around.

Time for some tacos at El Potro.

On to Oklahoma.