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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: TCU Horned Frogs

Come join the discussion about we can expect to see tonight.

NCAA Basketball: Bradley at Texas Christian Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Conference season is a bit early this year, but I'm not complaining one bit. Tonight, the Kansas Jayhawks travel to Fort Worth to take on the TCU Horned Frogs. Can Kansas win their first game ever in the brand-new stadium? Check out what our writers think and then make sure to give us your prediction below.

Fizzle406: At TCU games always make me nervous but I think Kansas still wins. Kansas 76, TCU 65

David: I'm just not sure what to think about TCU. Most metrics think highly of them, but most metrics overrate teams who beat up on bad competition. TCU lost the only game they've played against a team likely to make the NCAA tournament, and it wasn't even close. I don't think this will be a rout, but I'm not too worried about it either. The 4.5 point line gives me some pause, but I have a hard time seeing KU on the losing end tonight. Kansas 77, TCU 68

KU Grad 08: There is no way Kansas plays well in this game. First game after break, road game in a bland environment. It just isn’t happening. That being said, TCU really isn’t that good. Kansas will look like crap most of this game and pull out a very meh win. Kansas 69, TCU 62.

dnoll5: Hey Grad, at least we don’t have to play this game at the Fort Worth School District Activities Complex this time. But anyway, Jamie Dixon will get this team looking more like a contender in the next few years when he gets his own guys in there, but he isn’t there yet. I haven’t watched any TCU this year, but Dixon’s Pitt teams never scared me much, and it will be hard to replicate the student section at Pitt, so I see KU continuing their winning ways (YMCA game aside) against the Frogs. Kansas 88, TCU 69.

Andy: That YMCA game is what gives me pause. Add in the fact that TCU seems to be our new main rival, just based on results, and I just know that sometime soon they are going to score a big win against us to rise in the standings. That being said, I just don’t see how they have enough this year to make this that spot. Kansas 74, TCU 71

mikeville: Kansas hasn’t lost a conference opener since 1991. I’m guessing that’s before a lot of our readers were even born. Rock Chalk into the the new year with an easy win, Kansas 75, TCU 61.

Jakebogen95: Kansas is going to look terrible in this game. It’s just not smart to expect them to roll over TCU. Is TCU bad? Yes. However, there was that one time where TCU shocked the Rock Chalk Faithful. I wouldn’t expect that again…Or would I? Kansas 72, TCU 64