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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Stanford Cardinal

Check out what our staff thinks will happen in today's game. Then stick around and give us your own prediction.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas basketball is back in action at home this afternoon, as the Stanford Cardinal comes to visit in what will be a homecoming for former KU player and current Stanford head coach Jerod Haase. Will Kansas let Stanford get a huge victory on the road? Take a look at what our writing staff think, then don't forget to give us your own prediction in the comments.

Fizzle406: It will be nice to get some revenge for a game we would have won if not for Joel Embiid’s back. I’d love to see JJax run up the score and taunt the cardinals the entire game but I suspect it will be closer than that. Still walking away with a KU win. Kansas 77, Stanford 66

dnoll5: I’m heading to Denver on the weekend so I won’t probably watch this game unless I’m in the right place at the right time or something to that effect. I guess I’ll have to read about it or something. If there is a website where I can do that, let me know. Anyway, I think KU will win. Kansas 80, Stanford 70.

KU Grad 08: The only two teams with a pulse Stanford has played this year (Miami, St. Mary’s) beat the Cardinal pretty convincingly. Stanford will have some size KU hasn’t dealt with in several weeks and will make the game muddy. I think we will look sluggish at times and grind out a typical December type of win over a lower-tier P5 team.Kansas 74, Stanford 61.

mikeville: Stanford has been scoring in the 60s a lot, and even if they have enough size to bother KU, I don’t think it will bother the Jayhawks for very long. We can go big or we can go fast, so will Bill Self want to run or want to match up? I don’t know, but I do know that 60ish points won’t be enough for Stanford to win this one. First one to 70 wins, Kansas 80, Stanford 65.

Jakebogen95: Lets keep this LaGerald Vick going. Kansas is only going to get better as the season goes on. Blowout city? No. Upset city? No. I am thinking KU struggles to completely close out Stanford. Kansas 81, Stanford 70

misterbrain: Despite the extra fanfare that will accompany welcoming back a former player, this will be business as usual. And Kansas has a much better business plan than the Cardinal. Kansas 89, Stanford 63.