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Greatest Kansas Football Players of All-Time Bracket: The Elite 8

There’s no wrong answer from here on out.

UCLA v Kansas Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

My fault for not getting this finished before football season started, but, now that it’s over, let’s use it to get us through bowl season.

Here is an updated look at the bracket:

If that’s difficult to view, click here to see on Imgur.

I expected this to be a bracket of favorites, and for the most part that’s exactly what has happened. 6-seed James Sims was the only “Cinderella” we had when he moved past 3-seed June Henley to the Sweet 16 in the RB bracket before falling to 2-seed Big John Riggins.

The voting gets much harder from here on out; we’ve got some really good players and the decisions are going to be insanely difficult. Every bracket is 1-seed vs 2-seed.

No player has advanced unanimously through this point of the bracket; John Hadl lost just one vote to Mike Norseth and Dez Briscoe lost one vote to Marcus Henry.

We’ll open it up to everyone for voting now, not just the commentariat, with an embedded poll.

Stay tuned!