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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Davidson Wildcats

We get the gang together to predict Saturday’s game against the Davidson, plus a special bonus.  Come and get your predictions in too.

NCAA Basketball: Davidson at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The scene is familiar: The Kansas Jayhawks hosting the Davidson Wildcats at the Sprint Center. It didn't turn out so well for the boys in blue last time. Will they stumble in this situation again? Give us your prediction in the comments after perusing the thoughts of our writing staff.

David: I got to witness the 2011 loss to Davidson at the Sprint Center in person, so this makes me feel uneasy. It's not entirely irrational either, as Davidson isn't bad. They hung in alright with UNC in a higher-possession game just last week. Fortunately, they're a terrible 3 point shooting team, which makes me feel a bit better about shutting down an upset bid. As long as we defend well inside the arc, I think we win this one with breathing room, but I can't bring myself to predict a blowout. Chelsea should have no trouble combining their domination of EPL with a match at Crystal Palace, who's scrambling to stay above the red line. Chelsea 3-0 Crystal Palace, and Kansas 81, Davidson 69

dnoll5: These KU games at Sprint Center are the kind of games that KU loves to host so more of their Kansas City fan base can see the Jayhawks, but as a resident of Kansas City, going to a KU home game at Sprint doesn’t interest me at all. The whole reason I want to pony up the $75 to see a game is to get the Allen Fieldhouse experience and relive some of those days where I used to be able to go to the games for $3 prepaid. The atmosphere is everything. And I know why Davidson wants to play there too, but I sort of feel sorry for the Davidson players as they don’t get to experience Allen Fieldhouse either. Kind of a shame, really. If you’re going to lose, you might as well lose in a cool environment and have a once in a lifetime experience to tell your kids. Anyway, Kansas 80, Davidson 70.

KU Grad 08: Davidson is solid, but I think the team will get a boost from the Bragg situation getting resolved. Look for Palace to upset Chelsea in a thriller and for KU to pick up a solid win in KC. Palace 3, Chelsea 2. Kansas 81, Davidson 69.

mikeville: David and Grad don’t know it yet, but they’ve been suspended from RCT until further notice for violation of team rules. I’m honestly surprised dnoll was able to behave himself. Good job, dnoll. As for the game, I don’t know anything about Davidson other than what David just contributed. Will the weather be a factor in this one? That sounds weird to say about a basketball game, but with temps crashing and snow coming down it might keep the crowd a bit thin at Sprint Center. I’ll say the Jayhawks win on a sleepy Saturday afternoon, Kansas 78, Davidson 68.

Fizzle406: While Palace looked strong in their loss to Manchester United, they just don't have an answer for Diego Costa. Look for the Chelsea win in a thriller. Chelsea 3, Palace 1. Kansas 81, Davidson 72

misterbrain: What Mike doesn't realize is that he needs David and Grad more than they need him. Also, no way in hell that Palace pulls off that upset. Chelsea 2, Palace 0. Davidson only “scares” me because of our recent history with them. This team is talented enough that it shouldn't really be an issue though. Kansas 88, Davidson 74.