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Ranking KU’s football Uniforms (Games 7-12)

NCAA Football: Kansas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

After game six, I wrote this which ranked the uniforms from the first half of the season, but if you want the quick reset, here it is:

6. Red/White/Red

5. Red/Blue/Red

4. White/White/White

3. Blue/Blue/Blue

2. White/Blue White

1. Blue/White/Blue

Now, three of those show up again, but since there wasn’t a bad choice in the group this time (numbers 5 and 6 last time were hideous), things shift a little bit.

6. All White at Oklahoma

This look came in fourth last time, but with such solid looks in front of it, it falls to number six of six this time. A solid road look for KU.

5. All Blue vs Iowa State

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The mono-blue look is another that falls in the rankings based on the fact that the four in front of it are so strong. Still a quality look, and I’m never mad when they wear this.

4. Blue/Red/Grey vs. Texas

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

I love this look. Loved it last year, loved it more this year. To me, it’s the only acceptable use of a lot of red. Plus, KANSAS WON WHILE WEARING THIS UNIFORM. We might be seeing this one at Memorial Stadium more frequently next season.

3. Blue/White/Blue at West Virginia

Another casualty of the great uniforms ahead of it. I think this is as solid a look as KU can have on the road, but it is ranked behind another road uniform because we have seen that one before. That’s the only reason. It’s solid.

NCAA Football: Kansas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

2. White/White/Blue at Kansas State

NCAA Football: Kansas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I love the white/white/blue look and as far as I can tell, the road loss to K-State to end the season was the one and only time that KU has ever work this combo. It’s such a clean look that I hope we see it on the road more often. If KU sticks to only their white and blue components, they look great on the road no matter what.

1. Limestone “Throwbacks” vs Oklahoma State

(Note: I couldn’t upload any pics of this beauty for some reason, but there are plenty of places to click to see how awesome they are.)

Beautiful. Instant classic. Perfect. The limestone infused “throwbacks” that KU wore for Homecoming 2016 against Oklahoma State are awesome. They return to the navy blue look of the Bill Whittemore years, and they return to the block font.

There was not a trace of Trajan font on the entirety of the uniform and the little details like using the old block lettering on the Jayhawk logo on the helmet was a nice touch. The all-caps block letter “KANSAS” on the front was great looking and the “limestone” details in the numbers, workmarks, and helmet stripes look great up close but can’t be seen from afar. The Jayhawk on one side and player number on the other side of the helmet is also a nice touch. KU is becoming known for having two logos, but this is the best use of that feature. Overall, a gorgeous uniform.

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