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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: West Virginia

Recover from a demoralizing loss to the Sooners by making an overly optimistic prediction for the game against West Virginia.

TCU v West Virginia Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It’s tough to get too excited after the blowout some of us witnessed Saturday against the Sooners, but there is another game this week, so those stalwarts that are still following the team have work to do. Since you are ready this article, you are one of three groups of people: fans who haven't given up hope that something good might happen, gluttons for punishment who just can't look away, or opposing fans who can't contain their glee. Either way, feel free to give us a prediction and then stick around to see how bad our writers think it will be.

Fizzle406: I think West Virginia is going to win. West Virginia 55, Kansas 6

KU Grad 08: Who gives a (edited) anymore? West Virginia 45, Kansas 10

mikeville: Grad’s words are harsh, but true. Even this die-hard football fan is fading. 2009 was a bad time to become a season ticket holder, and after 7 years, it wears on a person. When Emporia State is the second-best college football team in the state several years in a row, it wears on a person. This season was not unexpected but you always hope for more, always hope for better. Every week it becomes harder and harder to see signs of progress, which isn’t a good thing. I mean, 56-3? Yeah, it was Oklahoma, but come on. They were missing six defensive players on a defense that had been torched all year long! I guess I’ll go with Emporia State 38, Missouri Western 34 I mean West Virginia 56, Kansas 3.

David: West Virginia doesn’t have a great offense, so the score might not be quite as lopsided as last week. That said, is David Beaty calling plays? Check. Is Montell Cozart the quarterback? Check. Do we still have the worst o-line in the league? Check. West Virginia 38, Kansas 6

dnoll5: I went to the movie theatre last weekend, and looked at the KU score before the film started. It was 7-3 Oklahoma. I looked after the movie was over and it was 56-3. I wasn’t surprised, and I didn’t care. I don’t care about this game either. West Virginia 49, Kansas 10. What’s at the movies this weekend?

misterbrain: Unfortunately, everyone is right that this game is going to be brutal. Kansas has the ability to stay close early, but the lack of offense is wearing them down game to game in addition to during games. At this point, there is just no way to expect them to have enough in the tank to prevent a huge blowout. West Virginia 59, Kansas 9.