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RCT Big 12 Football Power Rankings - Week 10: Losses by Baylor, West Virginia shake things up.

With the top two teams going down, there is tons of movement this week.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

First things first, some of you probably noticed that the numbering of the weeks changed, with last week being 8 and this week being 10. I realized that my numbering was out of sync with pretty much everyone else who does power rankings, and so to help with search engine traffic and consistency with the rest of the developed football world, I “fixed” it. Also, all comments were made prior to last night's Oklahoma/Iowa State game. Now on to the rankings:

1 - Oklahoma Sooners (6-2, 5-0 Big 12, Last Week: 3)

With both teams above them losing and a complete rout of the Jayhawks, Oklahoma is easily the hottest team in the conference right now. Add in their undefeated conference record and it's hard to argue that they deserve this top spot. Given how well Iowa State did against the other top Big 12 teams, this game could be one to watch out for.

Up Next: @Iowa State, Thurs 6:30pm on ESPN

2 - Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-2, 4-1 Big 12, Last Week: 4)

They were thoroughly impressive in the big win against the Mountaineers last week. Being at home definitely helped, and this is definitely not the same team that “lost” against Central Michigan.

Up Next: @Kansas State, Sat 2:30pm on ABC/ESPN2

3 - West Virginia Mountaineers (6-1, 3-1 Big 12, Last Week: 1)

The margin of defeat was I think a little misleading, given that West Virginia has played fairly well. However, road games are always tough in the Big 12, and at least West Virginia should be able to easily bounce bad against the Jayhawks.

Up Next: Kansas, Sat 6:00pm on ESPN2

4 - Baylor Bears (6-1, 3-1 Big 12, Last Week: 2)

I’m still not sure exactly how this team collapsed and let the Longhorns back into that game. But getting to go against one of the conference’s worst will help them get back on track quickly.

Up Next: TCU, Sat 2:30pm on FOX

5 - Kansas State Wildcats (5-3, 3-2 Big 12, Last Week: 5)

The Wildcats again did just enough to get by. This defense is legitimate, and they can probably ride it to a top-half finish in the conference.

Up Next: #18 Oklahoma State, Sat 2:30pm on ABC/ESPN2

6 - Texas Longhorns (4-4, 2-3 Big 12, Last Week: 8)

What a big win for Charlie Strong. There is a chance that he might be able to turn this into another year with the Longhorns, but the success has to continue. They probably need to win all their games except against the Mountaineers, and then win whatever bowl they go to as well though.

Up Next: @Texas Tech, Sat 11:00am on Fox Sports 1

7 - Texas Tech Red Raiders (4-4, 2-3 Big 12, Last Week: 6)

That game was a lot closer than it should have been. The offense is capable as ever, but the defense has started to step up a bit recently. How much of that is due to playing TCU is still up for debate.

Up Next: Texas, Sat 11:00am on Fox Sports 1

8 - Iowa State Cyclones (1-7, 0-5 Big 12, Last Week: 9)

Yes, I realize that they are 0-5 in conference and TCU already has a couple wins. But the Cyclones have made most games in conference competitive, and played well enough to make me think that they will get at least a couple wins before the end of the season. Let’s put it this way: I think Iowa State has a legitimate shot at an upset of Oklahoma tonight. I couldn’t say the same about TCU.

Up Next: #14 Oklahoma, Thurs 6:30pm on ESPN

9 - TCU Horned Frogs (4-4, 2-3 Big 12, Last Week: 7)

This team is in freefall, and even though the defense held the Texas Tech offense relatively in check, the offense wasn’t able to score against a bad Tech defense.

Up Next: @#17 Baylor, Sat 2:30pm on FOX

10 - Kansas Jayhawks (1-7, 0-5 Big 12, Last Week: 10)

I don’t think there is really anything left to say about how bad this team is right now. And it doesn’t look to get any better this week.

Up Next: @#20 West Virginia, Sat 6:00pm on ESPN2

Fun With Stats

Once again, we use this segment to drown the pain of another Big 12 loss by finding an area that our Kansas Jayhawks are the best team in the conference. In previous weeks, we highlighted Total Kickoff Return Yards (KU is now 4th in conference, 54th nationally), 4th Down Conversion Percentage Defense (4th in conference, 31st nationally), Team Tackles for Loss Per Game (2nd in conference, 10th nationally), 3rd Down Conversion Defense Percentage (1st in conference, 39th nationally), Red Zone Defense (4th in conference, 47th nationally) and Fewest Penalty Yards (1st in conference, 22nd nationally). Up this week: Blocked Punts Allowed. I realize we are scrapping the bottle of the barrel with this one, but at least we can still say we have had the most punts without a single one blocked, which is something. Rankings are first by lowest number of punts blocked, then ties are broken by total number of punts.

Rank School Natl Rank Total Punts Punts Blocked
1 Kansas 5 51 0
2 Iowa State 26 44 0
3 Texas 38 41 0
4 TCU 43 40 0
5 Kansas State 76 30 0
6 Oklahoma 78 29 0
7 Baylor 82 28 0
8 West Virginia 87 25 0
8 Texas Tech 87 25 0
10 Oklahoma State 125 41 2