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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Long Beach State 49ers

Our writing staff give some last minute predictions for tonight’s game.

NCAA Basketball: Long Beach State at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas is back in action again, and this is the first game that isn’t attached to some tournament or early season event. Kansas is taking on Long Beach State, a team that has had a rough start to the year, but is known for scheduling a tough slate of opponents. They have already played (and lost to) Wichita State, North Carolina, Louisville, UCLA, and Washington, all on the road. Will they finally be able to break through against a top opponent on the road? Don’t forget to give your prediction below, but first read what our writing staff thinks.

mikeville: Fine, I’ll go first. LBSU has played a killer non-con schedule, and although they’re a decent pick to win their conference and go dancing in March they haven’t been able to keep up with the likes of UCLA, North Carolina, Louisville, and Wichita State, falling by an average of 33 points each. While LBSU did stun top-ranked Kansas back in 1993 in Allen Fieldhouse, I just don’t see that happening again. Jayhawks hit the century mark in this one - too bad most of the folks in the state of Kansas won’t be able to see it (thanks, Jayhawk Television Network). Kansas 101, LBSU 72.

Fizzle406: Kansas is going to cruise in this one. Yeah LBSU has played a tough schedule but a 1-7 team isn’t going to walk into AFH and expect to win. Kansas 99, The LBC 75

KU Grad 08: Long Beach has gotten slaughtered by every good team it has faced this year and is letting teams score on them like crazy. Bodes well for us. Kansas 93, LBSU 77.

dnoll5: I actually remember that loss to Long Beach State back in ‘93. It was one of those weirdo Roy Williams hiccups that happened more than we care to remember. And if I recall (too lazy to look it up), Kansas got waxed in that game. I was 16 so each regular season game held more meaning to me than it does now, but I remember getting smoked in that one. Bill Self has lost nine games in his entire tenure at KU so I don’t see him losing tonight (and yes, I know that Oral Roberts and San Diego State were two of those). That 33 point average loss looks pretty good. Kansas 100, LBSU 67.

Jakebogen95: Kansas is going to roll. Josh Jackson 30 points? Maybe not. Frank adds to his Nation POY resume and we have a Tyler Self sighting. Kansas 102, LBSU 68

misterbrain: I feel like everyone has stolen my “Kansas breaks the century mark” thunder here, so I’m going to say everyone else is wrong and hold it for another time. But there is no reason that Kansas shouldn’t dominate this game start to finish. I actually think that this is a good game to let a lot of players work through some issues, and to get the end of the bench some playing time, so I really do think this will be a lot closer than people think. If any of Frank Mason, Josh Jackson and Devonte’ Graham get more than 25 minutes in this game, I’ll be a bit shocked. Kansas 89, Long Beach State 76.