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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

Come give us your predictions, and stick around to read how our writing staff thinks the season finale will go.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas scored a huge win for the program last week in taking down Texas at home. They have another chance when they face the Kansas State Wildcats this Saturday in Manhattan. Can they pull off a second shocking win in a row? Give us your prediction below, and then read on to see how our writing staff sees the game going.

Fizzle406: Both teams beat Texas 24-21. As far as I’m concerned that’s the only metric that matters. This one is too close to call. Kansas 21-Kansas State 21

KU Grad 08: As awesome as our Texas win was, it hurts our chances this week. Our players are basking in a "we won a Big 12 game" honeymoon and I’m sure this will help KState not take us as lightly. On the road, Snyder always has his team up for this game no matter how bad we are, Texas game hangover, and KState is playing well on both sides of the ball. We are going to get freaking slaughtered.

KState 45, Kansas 10.

David: We've all read this script before, right? Kansas plays a couple close Big 12 games, finally breaks through with a win, the goalposts come down, and...then they get crushed in their next game. This game will just be another chapter in the book of games where the Jayhawks get slaughtered right after a feel-good performance. Kansas State 42, Kansas 6

Jakebogen95: Kansas’ turning point was the Texas game. Carter Stanley era has begun… Kansas 20, Kansas State 10

misterbrain: ...and quickly ends after this week. Even if Stanley has a good game, the QB talent that is coming in is probably going to beat him out in camp during the spring. Either way, Kansas State has too much going right, and is at home for this final game for the Jayhawks. As usual, it’s not going to go well. Kansas State 48, Kansas 17.

dnoll5: Well, I didn’t get to tune in to last week’s game because of personal obligations and soccer viewing, so to keep luck on our side, I will continue the trend. Chelsea 1, Spurs 2. Oh, and after having a conversation with a K-State friend who thinks we’ll get pounded, I’ll keep the carnage a little lower than his prediction. He said K-state by 28. I’ll say 21. Kitties 42, Awesome mythical birds 21.

mikeville: Soccer viewing? Clearly I need to re-evaluate the staff around here. As others have said, this has all the makings of a typical white-washing by Bill Snyder and the Eco-Cats (and their power towels). I honestly can't find a reason to disagree. Maybe the KU defense can keep it close for a while, but even though the KSU offense has struggled at times this year, I just have a terrible feeling that today will be different. Kansas State 55, Kansas 10