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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: UNC Asheville Bulldogs

Our writing staff gets together to give us predictions about tonight’s basketball game.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Villanova vs UNC Asheville Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only the second home game for these Jayhawks, but we’ve already seen them play 5 games and give us a bunch to chew on. Tonight should be a nice change of pace, with a talented but well overmatched team coming to Allen Fieldhouse. How does you see tonight’s game going? Take a look at what our writing staff thinks, then give us your own prediction in the comments.

Fizzle406: Kansas will do well against diet UNC. Hopefully Tyler self gets plenty of minutes. Kansas 87, UNC Asheville 50

KU Grad 08: I’m going to this game which is basically a 100% guarantee KU will play like absolute crap. I don’t think it’ll be enough to suffer a loss at home, and we should know a bit more about Asheville after our Georgia game (Georgia beat them pretty easily a week ago). I think KU will make enough plays to end up with a good margin of victory, but there will also be some “WTF” stretches.

Kansas 75, UNC Asheville 60.

David: Kansas is playing on yet another short break, and while Asheville isn't very good, they play slow, take care of the ball, and turn teams over. So I agree with Grad’s theory of guaranteed sloppy play. But it's UNC-Asheville, and it's Allen Fieldhouse, so Kansas 76, UNC-Asheville 59

Jakebogen95: The best trio in the country...Frank Mason, Devonte Graham and Josh Jackson should dominate this game. The bigs foul trouble IS concerning, but not enough to lose to UNC Asheville. Kansas 98, UNC Asheville 65

misterbrain: The real question here isn’t if Kansas is going to win this game. Instead, it’s “What is Josh Jackson going to show us this time?” I didn’t really believe it when people said that he was probably more polished in almost every aspect of his game than Wiggins except for his shooting stroke. I’m still not completely convinced, but he has shown much more versatility already. Maybe part of that is the fact that the supporting cast is much better, combined with the lack of early progress with the frontcourt that allows him to play more of a varied role, but I’m unbelievably excited now for the next few months as we get to see him develop. Kansas 97, UNC Asheville 68.

dnoll5: Who needs front court production? Not Kansas (in this one). KU 88, UNC Asheville 68.

mikeville: I agree that this will be a big win for the Jayhawks. It's time to show off in front of the home fans, and these Bulldogs don't shoot well enough to keep it close for very long. Kansas 88, UNC Asheville 58.