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Kansas Wins CBE; Jackson Named MVP

And at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted

Kansas news

Perimeter-oriented attack carries KU past Georgia |
Regardless of what head coach Bill Self wants or even what Kansas basketball fans expect, it would behoove those following the Jayhawks to embrace one reality sooner rather than later.

KU junior Dwight Coleby surprises father with nice gift — playing time |
After playing just three minutes, missing his only shot and grabbing just one rebound during Monday night’s 20-point Kansas win over UAB, junior forward Dwight Coleby was not quite sure what to tell his father.

Notebook: Dwight Coleby steps up to contribute inside |
Junior forward Dwight Coleby played his first significant stretch of minutes for the Kansas men’s basketball team during Tuesday’s 65-54 victory over Georgia in the CBE Hall of Fame Classic championship game at Sprint Center.

No time for mistakes: KU football makes punt return change |
As second-year head coach David Beaty prepares to take his Kansas football team into Bill Snyder Family Stadium for the first time, he understands the precise execution it would take to pull off a Sunflower Showdown upset in a venue named for the Kansas State head coach whose meticulous nature always seems to extract the most out of his players.

Quarterbacks and punt returners judged more accurately in games than practices |
Keeping players from hanging their heads on a team with such a lopsided losing record counts as David Beaty’s greatest strength as a coach.

KU suspends cheerleaders from squad after ‘Kkk go trump’ social media post |
The University of Kansas has suspended four cheerleaders from the squad after a photo with the words “Kkk go trump” was shared on a Snapchat account belonging to one of them.

Zone helps KU defeat Georgia 65-54 for CBE Hall of Fame Classic title
A staunch believer in man-to-man defense, Bill Self didn’t want to use a 2-3 zone during a majority of Tuesday night’s CBE Hall of Fame Classic championship game against Georgia at the Sprint Center.

How Josh Jackson could make KU a more dangerous team in March
Jackson, in earning Tournament MVP honors, showed he can do many things well. And even more importantly, he gave KU coach Bill Self an ability to quickly shift his lineup and offense to counteract a few scenarios that have ended KU’s NCAA runs in the past.

Other news

Despite loss, give Tom Crean credit, not grief, for playing game at Fort Wayne -
Before I really begin, you need to watch this postgame comment by Fort Wayne coach Jon Coffman. It is all class, and it rightfully has gone viral. The college hoops coaching profession is the most fraternal and friendly of any major American sport, and this exemplifies it so well. In victory, Coffman speaks not of his team, but of his friend, Tom Crean; his town, Fort Wayne; and his sport, college basketball.

Golden Knights is name of new Las Vegas expansion NHL team - CBS News
The Golden Knights’ logo is a simple front view of a fighting helmet with a conspicuous “V’’ in the middle. Their colors are steel grey, gold, red and black.

Indiana falls to Fort Wayne: Takeaways from Mastodons' epic upset of No. 3 Hoosiers -

Fort Wayne "hosted" No. 3 Indiana on Tuesday night. I write "hosted" because, although the game happened at the Mastodon's home arena, truthfully, IU fans packed the joint. It made for an unusual setup. But going on the road, even if you have a home crowd, is always tough.

President Obama referenced Crying Jordan and Space Jam during the Medal Of Freedom awards · Newswire · The A.V. Club

In the world of sports, Obama paid tribute to voices like Vin Scully, one of the most beloved announcers in all of baseball, Abdul-Jabbar—referencing the NCAA’s banning of the dunk during his college career with, “When a sport changes its rules, to make it harder just for you…You are good”—and Michael Jordan. Jordan got some affectionate teasing from the president, who not only name-checked Space Jam a second time, but also the “crying Jordan” meme. (Later, Jordan reportedly shed tears while receiving his medal, which seems like a justified response to the President Of The United States making fun of you, while also giving you the highest government honor in American civilian life.)

The Chiefs Have Real Problems

Late last week I pitched an article about the Chiefs. Heading into Week 11, they had won five straight and were in line for the AFC’s No. 2 seed. But, I proposed to question, are the Chiefs actually any good? The response I got from an editor was to wait to see how the Chiefs did during Sunday’s home game against the Buccaneers.

IPFW Shocks Third-Ranked Indiana; Fan Drinks Bleach

The Mastodons of Fort Wayne sent Indiana back to Bloomington with its first loss of the season after an overtime shocker that resulted in one IPFW student... drinking bleach?

Judge Will Decide Who Won High School Football Game After Officiating Blunder

Problem is, the game never should have gone to overtime. On the final play of regulation, with Fenwick holding a 10-7 lead with four seconds left on a meaningless fourth-and-15, quarterback Jacob Keller chucked the ball downfield after the clock had expired, seemingly putting a bow on the semifinal win. However, officials slapped Fenwick with an intentional grounding penalty, and gave the ball back to Plainfield North for an untimed down. Plainfield North kicked a field goal on the next play, sending the game to overtime and setting the stage for their wild game-winning play. Thus began the saga that’s since turned into a legal battle over who gets to go to the state championship gam