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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Georgia Bulldogs

On a quick turnaround, our writing staff tells you what is going to happen in tonight’s game.

NCAA Basketball: CBE Hall of Fame Classic-Georgia vs George Washington Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was quite an adventure. What looked to be a blowout victory turned into a close game right after the half, but the UAB Blazers just weren’t able to run with Kansas to the end. Tonight’s championship game of the CBE Hall of Fame Classic pits the Kansas Jayhawks against the Georgia Bulldogs, who beat George Washington last night to advance. Who takes the title tonight? Check out what our writers think, and then don’t forget to log your own prediction in the comments.

David: According to KenPom, Georgia is right there with Texas, Oklahoma State and TCU in terms of quality, so this should be the team's first taste of mid-to-low level Big 12 competition this year. They hit the defensive boards hard, but force very few turnovers. They've managed to avoid sending teams to the line, while shooting very well at the stripe themselves. Overall though, they don't shoot particularly well from two or three, are pretty average on the offensive boards, and just don't show much of anything that really concerns me. They're good enough overall to hang around, but Kansas would have to get in a lot of foul trouble or run ice cold to lose this one. Kansas 75, Georgia 66

dnoll5: Kansas looked pretty good in large stretches on Monday, but the fact is that the bigs down low need to start being more productive. The last thing this KU team needs is a black hole down there, and I think that Bill Self will stress getting Landen Lucas, Carlton Bragg, and Udoka the ball in favorable positions. KU chucked up too many quick shots yesterday with little to no rotation, so I expect that to be a point of emphasis that will help get the big men some looks. Kansas 77, Georgia 65.

mikeville: You guys are funny. Isn't Georgia in the SEC? I'm pretty sure the only SEC schools with basketball programs are Kentucky, Florida, and Vanderbilt. (LSU cancelled basketball after Shaq left, right?) They must play each other 8 times each during conference play. Kansas 83, Georgia 65.

KU Grad 08: Georgia seems good enough to hang around but lacks the firepower to pull of the upset. I expect a physical, plodding game in which we never really pull away, but also never really feel like we will lose.Kansas 78, Georgia 67.

Fizzle406: 0% worried about this one. I was confident in my ignorance of Georgia’s team before I read fetch’s preview and then after reading I am ready to double down on my confidence. Kansas 88, Georgia 69

misterbrain: Seriously, what’s so hard about scoring 100 in the Sprint Center? In all seriousness though, Kansas was well on their way there until they psyched themselves out and let UAB get back into the game. I don’t think there is much of a chance to get to the century mark against Georgia, even though KenPom has their defensive profile overall as less impressive than UAB. Instead, I think we see something similar to last night, although the beginning won’t be quite so favorable to the Jayhawks. Kansas 81, Georgia 73.