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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: UAB Blazers

Our writing staff stops celebrating from the weekend to talk about tonight's game.

NCAA Basketball: Conference USA Tournament-UAB vs Western Kentucky Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Last time out, the Kansas Jayhawks had trouble putting away the Siena Saints for a majority of the game, even in the friendly confines of Allen Fieldhouse. With their 4th game in as many buildings, can the Jayhawks get the kind of dominant performance we would expect from a top 5 team against the UAB Blazers tonight? Read what our writers have to say, then leave your own prediction in the comments below.

dnoll5: Well, this is UAB’s first game away from home so I expect KU to win, but I always think that teams that get to play KU in KC instead of Lawrence are quite lucky. This team was 26-7 last year and only lost three players, so they’ll probably keep it close. They won their league last year, but lost in the league tourney, so they were probably unlucky to only receive an NIT bid, but they’ve got enough guys on the roster from that memorable win over Iowa State in the 2015 NCAA tournament that I think they’ll stick around for a while on a “neutral” court. Kansas 78, UAB 68.

David: The only thing this UAB team has done especially well so far is get to the free throw line. As long as KU avoids widespread foul-trouble (which is a legitimate concern, given what we’ve seen from Bragg, Azubuike, Lucas and Jackson so far), they shouldn’t have much trouble. Even if KU does have some fouling issues, I still don’t see them dropping this. I look for the Jayhawks to finally hit some threes, and open up the offense a bit. Kansas 82, UAB 68

mikeville: All I really know about UAB is that their coach - former KU baller Jerod Haase - left for Stanford in the offseason. Well, that’s not quite true, I also know they are favored to win their conference this year. I expect a decent test out of the Blazers, but there’s no way they should ever beat the Jayhawks in Kansas City. Kansas 80, UAB 70.

Jakebogen95: KU is about to roll now after that win over Duke. Healthy or not, Kansas played well and would have been in the game even if the Duke stars played. KU didn’t exactly blow out my local college basketball team in Siena. However, a 20-point lead is still a convincing win. Kansas is going to win this game with the help of National Player of the Year candidate Frank Mason, his backcourt mate Devonte Graham and the freshman Josh Jackson. These are the games where you will start to see Jackson get more comfortable in and ultimately prepare him for March. Kansas 88, UAB 65

Fizzle406: UAB? More like UAP. The P stands for poop because their team is going to resemble poop tonight. Kansas 99, UAP 50

KU Grad 08: Another salty non P5 team, and one that draws a lot of fouls. Doesn’t KU foul a lot? Kansas 81, UAB 76.

misterbrain: Despite the fact that this is another quality non-conference opponent, I'm getting the feeling that the relative lack of pressure for this game let's the team break out. Maybe I'm still riding the high of the weekend, but I think this is when the Jayhawks finally break the century mark inside of the Sprint Center. Kansas 102, UAB 71.