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Kansas Mauls Texas, Twice: A Twitter Recap

Now that the win has set in, we take a look back at the wild ride that was Kansas' shocking win over Texas.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

Coming the game, no one have the Kansas Jayhawks much of a chance to even keep the game close.

Still, with it being Senior Day, excitement was in the air:

Despite the excitement, the game did not start well for Kansas:

That would be the only offense of the first quarter, as the teams combined to force 8 straight punts to close out the quarter, including a big play by Brandon Stewart:

It got so bad that we ended up with this:

The second quarter started off with a big play for the Jayhawks:

Ultimately though, the Kansas Defense was the only unit to get any production for the rest of the half.

The first turnover of the game came courtesy of a Dorance Armstrong sack:

Unfortunately, that didn’t turn into much, as Kansas went for it on 4th and 1, but a fumbled snap kept them just inches short of the conversion. On the next Texas drive:

Again, the turnover was nice, but the offense went three and out and punted it away yet again. This time, the Kansas defense decided to do something about that score:

The defense wasn’t done for the half:

The offense could only manage to turn that into a field goal, so despite the 4 turnovers, Kansas still only took a small lead into the half:

Starting the second half, there was some obvious worry about the ability of the Kansas defense to continue to maul the Texas offense. It didn’t take long for those worries to become a reality. Kansas QB Carter Stanley threw an interception on the second play of the half, and then 8 plays later, this happened:

The teams traded a few more punts, and then Texas started another long drive. Texas converted thanks to penalty after another Daniel Wise sack, driving all the way down to the KU 9. Then this happened:

Another quick Kansas turnover (LaQuvionte Gonzalez fumbled at the end of a 29-yard gain) put Texas back in business.

The offense clearly wasn't doing their part, but after 3 quarters, the defense had mostly held up for the day.

The Texas offense seemed to finally wear down the Jayhawk defense with another long drive to start the 4th, ending in this:

After trading another punt each, Kansas finally had their offense come alive:

In a 11-play drive that took about 3 minutes off the clock, Kansas marched down the field without even reaching 3rd down. Carter Stanley started it off with a big 20-yard run for a first down, and the drive (which included the above play) ended with this:

The Jayhawks needed a 2-pt conversion to get within a field goal, and Steven Sims was not going to be denied:

Texas started a long drive and looked to be running out the clock. On a 10 play drive, they got 4 first downs, including a 4th and short conversion from the Kansas 33. On the next play, the defense decided their day wasn’t done:

The Jayhawks couldn’t move the ball, and turned it over on downs with 2:36 left and only 1 timeout. All Texas needed was a first down, but 4 straight runs by D’Onta Foreman only netted 8 total yards, giving the ball back to the Jayhawks with 58 seconds at their own 29.

Two straight passes to Ke’aun Kinner got the Jayhawks to the Texas 37. On second down, Stanley completed a short pass to Kinner, and it looked like the Jayhawks would have to spike the ball and then hope for a long field goal to tie. Instead, Jeffrey McCulloch leveled Stanley, driving the crown of his helmet into the QB’s facemask. That resulted in a 15-yard targeting penalty and ended the Texas defender’s night.

The Jayhawks tried one more play, with Stanley throwing into the corner of the endzone. It looked like a sure interception, but as the Texas defender went to the ground, Steven Sims ripped the ball out of his hand. That gave Kansas the opportunity to tie the game, which they did with a Matthew Wyman 36-yard field goal.

After the crushing endings to the TCU and Iowa State games, Kansas finally managed to pull off a late drive to tie the game:

Kansas won the coin toss and chose to go on defense. After the defense stuffed Foreman on another run, Texas QB Shane Buechele rolled out to the right and sail a throw high:

Unlike Foreman, Kinner was able to move the ball on the ground, using 5 plays to get to the Texas 3. On 3rd and Goal from the Texas 8 (after a false start), senior Matthew Wyman kicked what was inarguably the biggest field goal of his career to seal the victory for the Jayhawks:

There was plenty of celebration and shock and all kinds of other reactions across Twitter and the rest of the internet. Instead of trying to capture the enormity of the reactions, I’ll just leave you with this thought for all of Jayhawk Nation: