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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Siena Saints

Our writing group gets together to predict the outcome of tonight’s home opener against Siena. 

NCAA Basketball: Siena at George Washington Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas basketball is back in Kansas! The season home opener is tonight, and the 1-1 Kansas Jayhawks are all set to take on a good Siena squad. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our preview of the game, check out the Q&A with Mid Major Madness, then come back and see how our writing staff thinks the game will go. Don’t forget to give us your own prediction in the comments.

KU Grad 08: We’re home! We aren’t playing a really good team from a blue blood program! Having said all that, Siena could be salty. They’re one of those classic 15/16 seeds we often see in the dance, and they smoked Cornell earlier this season before losing by two to George Washington. Point being, this isn’t going to be one of those 40 point wins, but I don’t think we’ll be especially scared. Kansas 83, Siena 67.

mikeville: LOL. Poor Siena. There’s no way this one is going to be close, right? RIght? Time to rock n roll in front of the home fans after the big win over Duke. Kansas 82, Siena 62.

David: After two tough games in very different locations, this team may show some signs of exhaustion. It won’t be enough to really make this a loss, but Siena is not a bad team, especially offensively. I think we’ll see periods of sleepwalking and a little tension before Kansas pulls away late. Kansas 79, Siena 69

dnoll5: Hey Grad, you’re wrong. KU 90, Siena 50.

Fizzle406: Coming off two big games on opposite sides of the world, this is one of those games where I would predict a loss or a close game if we weren’t playing a team named after a crayon. There might be some head scratching moments and I predict Self will have choice words for the team after the game but I still think Kansas comfortably wins. Kansas 88, Siena 75

Jakebogen95: I live 15 minutes away from Siena. My friend (who goes to Siena) wants to go out and watch the game. I kind of feel bad because it’s not going to be close. Mason and Graham combine for 54 points and a giant blowout. Kansas 103, Siena 69

misterbrain: This is a little strange for the Jayhawks, having their home opener not be the first official game of the season. But this team has already passed a couple difficult tests, losing to a hot-shooting Indiana team and winning over a depleted but still talented Duke squad in New York. Coming home to the friendly confines of Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas has already worked through those first game jitters that we’ve seen in the past, and I’m expecting a dominant performance from start to finish. Siena is no slouch, but they just don’t have the horses to compete with this squad for more than a half. Kansas 97, Siena 71.