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The View from Section 5

A Twitter-esque recap of the day in Lawrence.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports


Arrived shortly before 9 AM, but the “Hawk Walk” has already happened.

That’s OK.

BTW, going to the game today with my friend and yours, DrCrushALot, aka “Doc.”

He’ll head back to KC after the football game, and mrs mikeville will join me for volleyball at 4 PM.

Anyway, grab the cooler, head down the hill toward the flagpole.

There’s jayhawk1996 who will soon be changing his username to bluepants1996. I hope.

We’re hanging out, drinking some beer, waiting for Grad to show up and get the party started.

A few more folks show up, friends of bluepants.

They brought bacon, so they’re cool.

We actually can’t hang out for too long, gotta be in the stadium by 10 AM.

KU Athletics called yours truly last week and asked if I’d like a “pregame field experience.”

Well, since you phrase it like that, how can I turn it down?

After a few pieces of bacon, it’s time for us to go. Cool to meet another RCTer, though.

We get signed in and pick up our passes. We’ll be on the sideline from 10 AM to 10:20.

Did some Facebook Live on the sideline. Check it out on the RCT Facebook page!

Doc comments that Carter Stanley’s passes are floating. “Needs more zip,” he says.

Afterwards, we just cruise the lower concourse a little bit before heading up toward the top of Section 5.

Get to our seats just in time for the band’s pregame show.

First Quarter

Defense forces a punt on ISU’s first possession! Yay!

Hmm apparently that’s actually bad because we can’t field punts.

But four plays later ISU lines up for a field goal. Could have been much worse.

KU gets to midfield mostly because of an ISU penalty but of course we punt.

We need to take up a collection for that 4th-down math book for Beaty.

ISU drives but Fish picks them off!

Stanley leads the offense down the field. Looking good, kid.

Three-and-out by ISU gives KU the ball back.

Quarter ends with KU on the ISU 1-yard line looking to go up big early.

Second Quarter

Jayhawks do indeed punch it in, now lead 14-3.

ISU answers with a TD of their own.

And we miss a field goal.

Kinner looking good, btw.

First half ends with a whimper, but KU leads 14-10.


I missed the halftime show, we went to get some sandwiches.

(No, neither of us got hot dog sandwiches. Because hot dogs are not sandwiches.)

I will assume that once again, the band did not make any inappropriate imagery in their formations.

Third Quarter

Seems like both teams made adjustments at halftime to run the ball more effectively.

ISU scores, then misses the extra point on one of the weirdest attempts I’ve ever seen.

I can’t even really describe it, and I can’t find a video clip.

He went up to kick the ball and just stopped his foot right before the point of contact. It fluttered toward the line of scrimmage and was returned by KU for like, 10 yards or something.


KU answers, now up 24-16.

But ISU scores again, right before the end of the quarter, but a great play by KU’s defense stops the 2-point conversion attempt.

ISU’s drive was 11 plays. 9 of those plays, including the final 8 plays of the drive, were handoffs to the same ISU RB (Harger).

WTF defense, figure out who’s getting the ball. By the fifth play, I’d think you’d have figured it out.

KU 24, ISU 22

Fourth Quarter

We punt. They score. This is over.

Offense runs out of gas near midfield. Turnover on downs.

ISU gets a field goal out of it.

KU has the ball with 2:48 left and no timeouts to try and tie it up.

Stanley heaves it downfield to...

.... to no one.

ISU picks it off and NOW it’s over.

Final, ISU 31, KU 24.

Stanley didn’t throw very many deep balls today, and the ones he did were well underthrown. Floaters, even.

Doc may have been on to something during warmups.

At least we still have volleyball.

Volleyball Pregame

Doc drops me off at AFH

Think I’ll walk through the Hall of Athletics.

It’s locked.

Closed up.

Um. What?

Send angry tweet to @KUAthletics

There’s a baseball scrimmage going on at Hoglund, so I go check that out.

They’re hitting with wood bats. Interesting.

Looks like an intra-squad scrimmage.

Whoever is pitching (I don’t recognize the name) is really burning them in there. Fastballs showing at 93 on the radar gun.

Game ends in a 2-2 tie.

It’s OK, mrs mikeville is almost here. Time for volleyball.

Volleyball vs TCU

KU starts off well, got an early lead in the first set.

TCU hanging close though.

Late run by TCU gives them the first set.

Jayhawks look confident.

KU gets out to big lead in second set. 10-3 then 14-5.

Ray Bechard must have hit the easy button or something.

Not much to say about the rest of the match. Sets 3 and 4 resemble set 2.

Overall a dominating performance by Kansas.