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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Iowa State Cyclones

Come give us your predictions, and stick around to see how our writing staff expects the game to go.

Oklahoma v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

We've been saying it all year: Iowa State at home is the best chance that the Kansas Jayhawks have to win a game in the Big 12 Conference this year. But just because it's their best chance, that doesn't mean that they will actually be able to pull out the victory. What do you think? Will Kansas be able to beat Iowa State at home? Give us your prediction, and then stick around and read what our writers had to say.

dnoll5: Why not? Kansas 31, Iowa State 30.

KU Grad 08: Everyone things this is our good shot to win a game! Nah. We’ve been optimistic about facing ISU in the past and most of those times, we got smoked. I think Stanley will complete a few throws downfield and we will score some points, but we will also give up a ton. Iowa State 37, Kansas 24.

mikeville: This is the one game other than Ohio on the 2016 schedule that those of us who follow KU football thought we would win. We all know how that went. After doing a little odds conversion from the betting line, KU is right at a 25% chance to win the game. That seems about right, but then you think, well the defense that we thought was improved has gotten pounded the last couple of weeks, and the offense still can’t move the ball. And not only that, we have no idea who will be the starting quarterback on Saturday morning. The optimist in me says Yay, but the realist in me is ROTFLOL. Iowa State 30, Kansas 21

Fizzle406: Another week, another loss Iowa State 35, Kansas 14

David: I think it’s time for this season to get really embarrassing. KU is hosting the next worst team in the conference, and it would just be so KU to fall flat on their faces in their one sort-of shot at winning a conference game this year. Iowa State scores early and often, and Carter Stanley either a) turns it over a bunch or b) is only allowed to throw completely ineffective short passes that do nothing for the offense. Either way, KU doesn’t move the ball and gets crushed. Iowa State 48, Kansas 10

Winmore: All the polling data shows Kansas coming away with a narrow victory here. They don’t need to worry. Numbers never lie! Right? Right? All joking aside, Iowa State may have an identical 0-6 Conference record, but they have been far more competitive in games this season than Kansas has. I do think Stanley is FINALLY the right quarterback to be getting snaps (I swear to God, if another Bishop Miege QB finds his way to Lawrence…), but will Beaty’s playcalling continue to resemble a Trump speech - a hot mess of disjointed concepts and incoherence? I need something to feel good about these days. I’ll even back off of my grandpa takes about damned kids rushing the field, because I hope to, no I need to, see exactly that happen after Kansas knocks off the Clones Saturday afternoon. Kansas 30, Iowa State 28

Jakebogen95: Kansas I have picked in way too many games this season. Bottom line is this, they have a lot of unique talent, but it’s just not a seasoned team from top to bottom. Because of this, they stick around with the Big 12 powerhouses for a little bit and then when they can’t score points or a drive results in a three-and-out it’s monumentally deflating. I tried to give Montell Cozart the benefit of the doubt, but he is just too erratic with the football. The turnovers are what has killed KU this season. Hopefully the Jayhawks have something in Carter Stanley. I do expect the Jayhawks to win this game. Kansas 27, Iowa State 17

misterbrain: This game is routinely dubbed as a pillow fight, but that actually requires both teams to be fairly terrible. While they have identical records, Iowa State is definitely the better team here. The main hope is that Carter Stanley can provide the offense with a spark so that they can give the defense some help. I'm thinking that they do just enough, and the home field makes a difference. Kansas 27, Iowa State 24.