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Kansas Jayhawk Football Predictions: TCU

Our writing staff gets together to discuss the game this weekend. But first, give us a prediction of your own.

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This is the game that I have circled on my schedule every year. Kansas and TCU always seem to play exciting games, and even if you have no expectation of a win, you at least can count on some quality entertainment. Is this the year the Jayhawks finally get over the hump? Give us a prediction below, then read on for the thoughts of our writing staff.

mikeville: Since 2012, TCU’s first year as a member of the Big 12, they are 4-0 against Kansas. Not surprising, you say. Then I tell you that, despite being heavy favorites each time, the Frogs have failed to defeat the Jayhawks by more than 14 points in any of the last four matchups. Think about that. That is almost unfathomable. I’ve quadruple-checked the numbers. It’s correct. Once again, Kansas finds themselves a 4+ touchdown underdog against the mighty Frogs. As I’ve learned in my Betting the Big 12 series, past performance is not indicative of future results, and something tells me we won’t be very close to TCU by the end of the game on Saturday. That something? The inept Kansas offense. I’m a believer in the defense, so I’ll say the Frogs still get 4 TDs but also get held to 4 FGs. TCU 40, Kansas 10.

dnoll5: I’m no football expert, but the Kansas defense looks improved. If you watched the Tech game and didn’t just glance at the final score, you’d have seen that improvement too. It’s just that when the defense is on the field as much as they are, it’s going to break down. The depth isn’t there for KU yet. And while we’re at it, the fact that David Beaty’s defense is light years ahead of his offense is weird right? Maybe starting Ryan Willis is finally the answer. I hope so. Crappy starts are a recipe for disaster against ALL the teams remaining on the schedule. And Montell Cozart’s cryptic answers this week about playing could mean that his role has completely changed, right? RIGHT?!?!?! I’m trying to be positive here, and a 28-point loss is as positive as I can see it being. TCU 48, KU 20.

KU Grad 08: Now that KU has Ryan Willis rightfully as QB1, the passing game will open up. Willis finally settles down and hits some more of his shots downfield that he has been a little off on, the defense forces a few turnovers, and Kansas gets its first huge upset. Kansas 35, TCU 34.

Fizzle406: Every year that is that one game that shouldn’t be close going into it but some way or another Kansas finds a way to keep it close the entire game. I think this is that game for this season. I predict TCU doesn’t quite put Kansas away and has a few close calls but ultimately squeaks out the victory. TCU 36, Kansas 28

Winmore: As Mike stated above, for whatever reason TCU has trouble shaking the Jayhawks. Last season the game was 10-10 at halftime. I can’t explain this phenomenon, but this Kansas team inspires absolutely zero hope for even hanging close. Clint Bowen and his defense are doing their best to make things awkward for David Beaty and his truly offensive offense in Lawrence, and I expect we’ll see more flashes of the speed and hitting that the defense showed recently as the offense will do their best to keep the D on the field for 45+ minutes of game time. This is Ryan Willis’ chance to run the O without looking over his shoulder, except of course when he has to turn and look over his shoulder to complete the countless amount of behind the line of scrimmage wide receiver screens Beaty is bound and determined to keep calling. I think this one will once again be deceptively close at halftime before the Frogs, as they have in the previous four meetings, wake up and finish the game strong. TCU 49, Kansas 21.

Jakebogen95: Ryan Willis is our guy and I believe that KU will now have some continuity. They have some serious talent in S Fish Smithson, DT Daniel Wise and TE Ben Johnson. It’s time for the optimistic prediction to come to fruition. Do you believe in miracles?!? Kansas 38, TCU 31.

David: This will be the year that KU stops making TCU fear for their lives each time they play. KU is perfectly capable of giving up big points, and entirely incapable of putting up any of their own. This one will be over early, and the fact that TCU doesn't score 70 will be used as evidence of KU’s defensive prowess. TCU 51, Kansas 13

misterbrain: I come into this game every year expecting to get creamed, and yet it never actually comes to fruition. TCU is even more capable of giving up big points as Kansas, and the expectation is that the offense settles in and gets some positive production. I'm not expecting a Kansas win, but it will be close thanks to the defense getting a couple scores. TCU 38, Kansas 31.