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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma Sooners

Come give us your prediction, and then stick around to see if anyone on the staff gives the Jayhawks a chance in this game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas goes on the road this week looking to score the upset of the century against an Oklahoma team that can’t seem to stop anyone on defense but runs right over them anyway. Does anyone on our staff actually give the Jayhawks a chance in this one? First, give us a prediction, then check out if there is any optimism in the bunch.

Fizzle406: KU has no shot. Maybe we can get some good reps and try to take some positives out of the ass whooping the we are about to receive. Oklahoma 58, Kansas 10

KU Grad 08: We are going to get absolutely destroyed. Oklahoma 62, Kansas 14

mikeville: Look, Texas has been really, really good this year. They’re the #2-ranked team in the country. Their only loss this year was to #4 Wisconsin. But they’ve been taken to five sets three times so far in Big 12 play, by K-State, Iowa State, and Texas Tech. (Yes, that Texas Tech, which has yet to win a Big 12 match this year.) Kansas has been building up to this moment for the last three years. Plus, the Jayhawks are absolutely rolling right now; they have won seven in a row, the last five in straight sets. This is our time. We know we can play with them. The Horejsi Center will be rocking. I’ll take the Jayhawks in a four-set win. #VolleyballSchool

Oh and at the same time (literally), Oklahoma 42, Kansas 13. I’d tune into the volleyball game at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN3 you have the ability to do so.

dnoll5: I think that KU will score on the Sooners. OU is ranked 116th in total defense, and I realize that much of that has to do with giving up a billion points against Tech, but still. KU should score. Will they be able to stop Oklahoma? Probably not frequently enough. KU’s defense is ranked 90th nationally and would be ranked even higher if they weren’t forced to defend from their 15 yard line all the time. Anyway, Oklahoma 42, Kansas 21.

David: Bllllaaaaaaahhhh. Oklahoma’s Sooners will score many more points than the University of Kansas Jayhawks football team.

misterbrain: Given what happened last time we went on the road to play a ranked team, it’s no wonder that the enthusiasm for this game is lacking. Kansas is going to be completely overmatched, but at least Oklahoma’s defense is much worse than Baylor’s. We should be able to score much earlier than garbage time. Oklahoma 45, Kansas 20.