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RCT Bets the Big 12: Week 9

Texas is killing me.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Why did I bet against Bill Snyder? WHY? I was smarter than that back in Week 1. Why didn’t I remember? In my defense, who knew Texas would make Jesse Ertz look like a Heisman candidate?

After the high of Week 2, when I went 4-1 on my picks, well... you’ll see.

Starting bank: $500

+/- for the year: -$139


Oklahoma State @ Kansas +24 and the Under and the Kansas Moneyline, Push, Lost $40, Lost $10

Texas @ Kansas State, Texas Moneyline, Lost $50

TCU @ West Virginia -6.5, Won $27

Oklahoma -14 @ Texas Tech and the Under, Lost $50 and Lost $30

Week 8 Won/Loss: -$153

Last week’s bank: $361

New bank: $208

Last week: 1-5-1

Overall picks: 24-30-1

Criminy. I have now lost over half of my starting bank. This is a solid reminder to myself to not get involved with gambling! It isn’t even real money and it affects me, it bothers me. Like, screw you Oklahoma State for scoring that late touchdown and burning my Under. Screw you Charlie Strong for not being able to take your five-star recruits and beat Kansas-freaking-State. And screw you, Bob Stoops, for not being able to figure out a way to stop Texas Tech a week after West Virginia held them to 17 points!


Since I’m down to just over $200, I can only bet $40 per game this weekend. I’ll bet almost all of it, and if things go wrong again, well, I know a guy who knows a guy and I’ll get a short-term cash loan. (Hopefully my thumbs stay unbroken through the national title game.) What I should probably do is write everything down, then change it to the opposite of what I picked. Had I done that all year long, I wouldn’t be in the red!

Nah, I’ll keep shooting straight with you guys. Standard reminder that this is purely for entertainment purposes only. I am not actually betting real money on these games. But if you are, never bet more than you can afford to lose. After all, nobody wants broken thumbs. (Or worse.)

Kansas State @ Iowa State

Line: Kansas State -6.5

O/U: 50.5

Moneyline: +205

K-State should handle ISU, and for the most part has handled them well lately. ISU hasn’t beaten KSU since 2007, but only one of those games has been a blowout. ISU should have won last year, but all the LoLz at Paul Rhodes, who completely blew the game in the fourth quarter for his team and got canned the very next day. I should probably learn my lesson and not bet against Bill Snyder, but I just feel dirty betting for KSU. I’d like to go ISU on the Moneyline, but I’ll take the points. Hilton Magic Jack Trice Magic strikes again.

My bet: $30 Iowa State +6.5

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State

Line: West Virginia -4

O/U: 65

Moneyline: +160

Um. Ok. Why is this line so low? What does Vegas know that I don’t? Here, just take my money already!!

My bet: $50 West Virginia -4

Texas Tech @ TCU

Line: TCU -9.5

O/U: 84.5

Moneyline: +320

Again, what does Vegas know that I don’t? TCU has scored 33 points total in its last two games combined. I know Tech has one of the worst defenses in the conference, so I can see why the O/U is so high. But we’re not really going to get into another 60-50 shootout, are we? It seems like Mahomes is almost back to 100% again, so I guess it wouldn’t really surprise me that much. There’s a little bit of value in the Moneyline, so I’ll hedge a little bit here.

My bet: $20 Texas Tech Moneyline and $20 on the OVER

Baylor @ Texas

Line: Baylor -3

O/U: 69 (nice)

Moneyline: +150

Once again, seems like easy money, doesn’t it? Texas is awful, terrible, horrible, and just absolutely reeling. Reports swirl that Tom Herman to Austin is practically a done deal. I just hope Charlie Strong lasts four more weeks so he can lose to Kansas and then maybe they’ll have a decent excuse for firing the guy. As much as I hate Baylor right now, there’s no reason for them to not pummel UT this weekend, even though it seems like half of UT’s recruiting class last year came after de-committing from the Bears.

My bet: $50 Baylor -3

Kansas @ Oklahoma

Line: Oklahoma -40

O/U: 67

Moneyline: +22,500

If you’re looking for value, well, what the hell. There it is, the upset of the decade. I remember when Stanford beat USC as a 42-point underdog. That was fun. Probably won’t happen, but if it does, it means the KU offense finally came alive and simply outscored the Sooners. That means realistically, the Under is probably a decent play. But then, Bob Stoops likes to run up the score on people. Will Joe Mixon break Samaje Perine’s single game rushing record? Nah, the KU defense is better than that, right? RIGHT?

My bet: $20 Kansas +40 and $10 Kansas Moneyline

DrCrushALot’s Picks of the Week

Each week, DrCrushALot will provide a maximum of five games that he likes.

Season record: 12-15

Last week: 0-3

BYU @ Boise State -7, LOSS

Michigan -35 @ Illinois, LOSS

Middle Tennessee State @ Missouri -6.5, LOSS

So Doc had a brutal week as well. Boise only scored 7 points in the second half, costing Doc a cover there. Even worse, Michigan toyed with Illinois, only scoring 10 points in the second half to miss the cover by two points, and MTSU just embarrassed Missouruh on their home field (everyone LOL @ MU).

Can Doc recover from this heartbreaking week?

This week:

For your beloved Jayhawks, unfortunately I don't see Stoops pumping the breaks once they get going. If betting that one, OU - 40 is the play.

Here are my picks:

Virginia Tech -3.5 @ Pittsburgh. VaTech is getting back to good/great play every week, I’ll take the Hokies.

Michigan -21 @ Michigan State. I claimed this line on Monday thinking it would go up, and it has. Michigan is now at -23.5, but you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm. The Michigan train came to screeching halt after barely trying in the 2nd half last week, but I'm buying another ticket this week.

Baylor -3 @ Texas. How is Charlie Strong still the coach at this point? Give me Baylor.

Auburn -4.5 @ Ole Miss. Auburn is truckin’ after their coach was almost fired and apparently Ole Miss isn't paying their players enough this year. War Eagle, Auburn it is.