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The View From Section 4: Oklahoma State

“Live” thoughts from guy at the game

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, since Mikeville was off at some wedding that he’s seen a million times before, I have decided to take up the burden of the “live tweet” style post after watching KU/Oklahoma State. Here it goes.


Tailgating was fun, beers were had

Damn, these uniforms look good. Mikeville would love their navy look. Too bad he was at a wedding.

First Quarter:

OSU goes a little way down the field but is forced to punt. A KU win to start the game

Cozart starts?!?! No!!!!!!

Two consecutive completions?!?! Yes!!!!!

And a punt.

3rd and 12 for OSU....and a KU sack. And fumble recovery!!!

68 yard bomb from Cozart to LaQuvionte Gonzalez. 7-0 KU.

Great catch from OSU on a long ball. Held on despite being pounded by three KU defenders. Happened right in front of us. Impressive.

And a TD to OSU. Moved it pretty efficiently. Also of note, the OSU fight song is pretty lame. Just one man's opinion, but also true.

Great run by Ke'Aun Kinner to end the first quarter. 7-7 after one.

Second Quarter:

KU fizzles out a little but grabs the lead on a 27 yard field goal. 10-7 KU.

Big time sack from Deeisaac Davis!

And now a terrible (Charles Barkley voice) KU punt.

After that crappy punt, KU holds them to a field goal. Gotta consider that a win. 10-10 with 6:56 to go in the half.

Cozart with a great read in the drive to keep it alive and KU gets a 40 yard FG. 13-10 KU with 4:27 left.

That was dumb. Five plays and it's 17-13 OSU.

Three and out for KU but a three and out for OSU and we get it back with 1:06 to go.

Massive clock management gaffe at the end of the half. When you've won one game in two years, you should give the Hail Mary a try. So dumb.

Half time:

The alumni band is out there. Do people store their tuba at their house? And if so, where?

Third Quarter:

Why would you ever try to run back a kick off when you catch it in the endzone? It's stupidity.

Running out of steam. 24-13.

Impressive drive for KU. The Steven Sims, Gonzalez, and Taylor Martin combo were great. 24-20.

Three plays, negative 6 yards for the Pokes. KU gets it back. Great defensive stop.

Dumb. One of the biggest dudes I've ever seen just made one of the most athletic plays I've seen for a guy that size with a great interception. TD one play later. 31-20.

Must score on this drive.

Just when you think you've seen the dumbest play in the history of football, that happens.

I'm quitting football.

Good on the KU defense to hold them to a field goal. 34-20.

What if the defense didn't have to start at their own 16 or 1 or whatever?

End of the quarter as Kinner breaks open for a 54 yard run. Keep it on the ground!

Fourth Quarter:

Have to go for it here.

We went for it on 4th and goal. It didn't work, but we went for it and I applaud that.

Another OSU field goal. If KU's offense could've done anything on the last few drives, we'd be in it. 37-20.

Punting it. Play it like a video game. What are we, #punterU?

I'm not a good enough journalist to stick around. Leaving now.

Heard an OSU TD as we were walking out, 44-20.