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Oklahoma State Mauls Kansas

We lost but at least we looked good doing it

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas Gary Rohman/MLS/USA TODAY Sports

Most of us expected a loss so the result isn’t surprising. Still, you can’t help but be disappointed when you get a brief glimpse of hope. KU lead for much of the first half but the wheels quickly came off the bus after halftime. Hope is a bad thing.

Beaty elected to start Cozart and kept him in the entire game. While he had a decent first half, connecting with Gonzalez for a 68 yard touchdown, Cozart threw 2 interceptions and the offense could not get going again after halftime with the exception of a Martin 6 yard touchdown run.

The one area where Kansas looked far better than Oklahoma State was in the uniforms. They looked sharp. Beaty did not respond to my emails and phone calls asking if they will part of the regular rotation, probably due to the fact he was coaching, but they really need to be.

Kansas continues their search for their first conference win since 2014 next week at Oklahoma.