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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Oklahoma State Cowboys

Stop by and give us a prediction for Saturday's game, then stick around to see what our staff predicts.

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Kansas went to Waco last week and laid an egg. Unfortunately it was entirely expected, but that doesn't make it any easier. Does Oklahoma State get to embarrass them the same way in Lawrence this week? Give us your prediction, then stick around to see what or our staff thinks.

mikeville: I’m going first. I mentioned in the weekly handicapping article that the Jayhawks have hit the Under in every game this year against FBS teams. If that trend continues, that means the Jayhawks will be within striking distance of the Cowboys, right? Maybe? Not to mention the fact that OSU tends to play to their competition - see close matchups against Iowa State (38-31) and Central Michigan (a loss!), and both of those games were in Stillwater. The last two games against OSU in Lawrence were both closer-than-expected affairs. This one is Homecoming. This one is the debut of a pretty sweet looking new uniform. I say the Jayhawks get a first quarter lead, the defense holds, and the offense sputters in the second half leading to yet another disappointing weekend for the good guys. Second verse, same as the first - Oklahoma State 25, Kansas 17

Fizzle406: I can see this one being close but not close enough for the Jayhawks. Similar to the TCU game a couple weeks ago. We have actually pull off one of these upsets at some point right? Oklahoma State 34, Kansas 28

KU Grad 08: Willis is due for a good game, we are due to win a turnover margin and we are due for a freaking win. Kansas 28, Oklahoma State 27

David: This Oklahoma State team has been erratic and not great. I don’t think it’ll be an embarrassment, but I also don’t think the offense will put up enough points to hang either. This one may stay close for a quarter and a half before the Cowboys put KU at arm’s length and keep them from threatening again. Oklahoma State 38, Kansas 17

dnoll5: I have no idea about what to say in these predictions anymore. I’m going to the game tomorrow and it will be my first KU football game in a few years, so I would be really excited to see a close game, but I don’t really think that’s going to be the case. All I’m really asking for is for the team to give me an excuse to not have to go out into the parking areas and chug beer at half time. It would be nice to want to stay inside the stadium and watch something cool happen. Ah, hell, dare to dream right? Kansas 31, Oklahoma State 28.

Winmore: This game might be winnable. That is until Ryan Willis commits three first half turnovers on ghastly passes, and the game gets too far out of reach. Saturday will be more of the patented David Beaty derp-a-dee-derp passing game of despair and regret… Oklahoma State 42, Kansas 21.

Jakebogen95: A team that has been up-and-down all season like Oklahoma State should be on upset alert. Kansas has looked intriguing on occasion. I think they are getting better which makes me confident for the future under Beaty. Ultimately it comes down to QB Ryan Willis eliminating the turnovers that plagued him last week. I think he does and KU keeps it close. Oklahoma State needs to pull away early in my opinion but I don’t think they will and for that reason I have Kansas with the upset Kansas 28, Oklahoma State 21

misterbrain: I'm already on record picking against the Jayhawks, but I do think it stays close the whole game, much like the TCU game. The defense is going to once again keep the Jayhawks within striking distance, but the offense isn't going to be able to finish it off. Oklahoma State 28, Kansas 24.