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Ranking KU’s football Uniforms (Games 1-6)

We haven’t played well, but do we look good?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

OK, I’ll admit I got the “inspiration” for this idea from the Oklahoma State site, Cowboys Ride for Free, but it was such a good one that I figured they wouldn’t care. And with KU wearing a sweet looking “fauxback” uniform tomorrow against those same Cowboys, it seems that today would be a great day to review and rank the previous six games.

6. Red/White/Red at Baylor

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I have gone on record as saying that this is KU’s second worst look (only all red “beats” it out) and I’m sticking by it. When people think of KU, they should always think of blue first and red second. With blue only featured in the numbers and name plates, it does the university a disservice by making fans and viewers have to decipher who is even playing in the game they turned off at the half.

5. Red/Blue/Red vs. TCU

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Things get better when blue is added. It’s amazing how much better this uniform looks when the white jersey is swapped out for the blue. Now, we look like Kansas- a newfangled non-traditional version of Kansas, but Kansas nonetheless.

4. All White at Memphis

NCAA Football: Kansas at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

To many, this is one of KU’s best looks. It’s hard to go wrong with an all white “stormtrooper” look, and KU pulls it off well. I still think this is a better look when the other team isn’t wearing blue so as to completely separate KU from its opponent, but it is a solid look and has been a staple on the road since the Clint Bowen “era.”

3. All Blue vs Rhode Island

NCAA Football: Rhode Island at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This one has grown on me, but having most of my KU football in person experiences in the mid-90’s when they wore mono-blue all the time is probably the reason for my love affair with this particular combo. You have no question as to what team you are watching. If they made this the permanent home uniform, most people wouldn’t object.

2. White/Blue/White vs. Ohio

NCAA Football: Ohio at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Many on this site rank this as KU’s best look. It’s clean. It’s sleek. It looks really good. What is not to love about this? The contrast is perfect, and we just look….like a proper football team when we wear these. I take back what I said in the previous section. Make these the permanent home unis.

1. Blue/White/Blue at Texas Tech

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I really don’t care what anyone says. I ranked this as the top look from last season and I think it’s still the best now. Those blue pants are the bees knees. And how much better do they look when paired with the white jersey? The answer: impossibly better. The contrast is perfect and with KU wearing their traditional blue helmet, this is the best KU can look on the road…..and maybe at home too.