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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Baylor Bears

Our writers come together to brace themselves for the weekend.  Don’t forget to log a prediction for the game yourself.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A win against TCU would have been awesome for this squad, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. That’s kind of a let down going against a Baylor team that leads the conference and had a bye week to prepare for this game (with another bye week next week). How does that bode for our chances to keep the score respectable? Give us a prediction first, and then stick around to see what our staff says.

KU Grad 08: The TCU game was encouraging, and I think KU still has some scares left in them this season (and $h!+, maybe we’ll win one). That being said, this is a road game against the (current) best team in the league. Baylor has too much speed, too much experience. This is a bad matchup. I’m optimistic we will scare a few more teams. This isn’t one of those games. Baylor 48, Kansas 21.

Fizzle406: I'm with Grad. Baylor is at home, they are good and Kansas is Kansas. I'm sure we will see another close game this year but not on Saturday. Baylor 57, Kansas 10

dnoll5: I think the most satisfying win Kansas can get this year is against this program. So many despicable things have happened at Baylor in the recent past, that if this is the game that we win to end the road conference losing streak, it would mean even more. And also, remember in the preseason when a bunch of us on this site were surmising that that Baylor wouldn’t be that good? That seems like a while ago. Anyway, I don’t really think KU will win, I just really, really want them to, if for nothing else than to bring embarrassment to Baylor because it seems that losses on the gridiron are the only thing that really shames them. Kansas 35, Baylor 34.

Winmore: For five seasons now, the TCU game has been good for backing KU fans from the ledge, but that momentary shot of competitive Prozac has been quickly erased in the very next game. After each of the last five meetings with TCU, the ‘Hawks have lost by a combined total of 157 to 49 - in the last two years it’s been 93 to 7. Baylor 60, Kansas 13.

mikeville: I’m with dnoll in that of all the games on the schedule, not including K-State, this is the one game I want to win this year. However, I’m certain that off-the-field issues aren’t a source of motivation for any of the teams on Baylor’s schedule. KU should be getting Wise and Roberts back, but even with that, how much can they slow Baylor down? KU’s offense is still very much a work in progress, and while Baylor’s defense struggled with Iowa State, in general they haven’t shown the kind of vulnerabilities that teams like TCU, Oklahoma, and Texas have. Maybe this is the week the Air Raid finally takes off, but with where Kansas is coming from you have to make them show it to you before you can predict it. Baylor 38, Kansas 17

Jakebogen95: I almost got the prediction right last week…(That FG Kansas settled for was actually a Touchdown that the refs cost us). Anyway we won’t dwell on that, Kansas goes up against a Baylor team that has consistently rubbed it in our face over the years just trying to run up the score. Whatever, it’s bound to happen and while I would love KU to win it’s just not realistic. I think LaQuvionte Gonzalez gets in the end zone a couple times and the defense shows flashes again but Baylor pulls away at the end, Baylor 56, Kansas 27

David: This will be a test for the Jayhawks, to see if the TCU game was something more than a fluke. Every time they've been in this situation in recent years, the rug is pulled out from under the fans’ hopes, and the inspirational close game is followed up by a vicious beating. I'm going to split the difference and say no close game, but no horrific blowout, either. Just a game where Kansas knows they're not going to be winning most of the way. Baylor 42, Kansas 20

misterbrain: Kansas isn’t winning this one, and Baylor won’t let this stay close past the first quarter. I do think that the Jayhawks will play ok overall, with the defense making some big plays but yielding after the offense struggles again to get anything going consistently. As mentioned before, Kansas plays TCU really tight and then gets blown out the next game. If they can keep it within 20, I’ll be ecstatic. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening. Baylor 54, Kansas 17