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KU Football Recruiting Class of 2016 Primer

A look at the probable upcoming class for the Jayhawks.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

With literally one week remaining until national signing day (Feb 3), it's time to take a look at the recruits David Beaty and company have their sights set on.

According to Matt Tait over at LJW, due to the December Juco commits and several players from the 2015 class counting forward to this year's scholarship limit, Kansas only has 17 spots available.  (Tip: Don't give LJW too many clicks, their commit list isn't very updated.)  So, keep that in mind when looking at overall recruiting rankings.

First, a look at the solid verbals that are expected to send in their Letters of Intent (if they haven't already):

LOI JUCO Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Tyriek Starks QB LA NR 2* Jackson St, Nicholls St, Tulane
Khalil Herbert RB FL 2* 2* FAU, FIU, GSU, Miss St
Braylon Royal WR TX 3* 2* Illini, Ark St, SDSU
x x Stephan Robinson WR OK 3* 2* Ark St, USA, USM, Tul, USU
Chris Hughes OL TX 3* 3* UNT, TTU, UTSA, Cal, Hou
Antione Frazier OL TX 3* 2*
x Joe Malanga OL UT 3* 2* Hou

Hunter Harris OL TX 3* 2* Army, Cal, Tul, SFA
x Manaia Perese DT UT 3* 2* Haw, UNI, Tul
x x Isi Holani DT CA 3* 3* KSU, CSU, Haw, UAB
x x DeeIsaac Davis DT KS 3* 2* Idaho, USM
Maciah Long LB TX 3* 3* ASU, IU, MU, tOSU, SMU, TTU, UCF, UCLA
Julian Chandler DB TX 2* 2* LaTech, Nev, UNM, UNT
Kyle Mayberry DB OK 3* 3* UH, Illini, KSU, Mem, VT, WSU, WYO
Ian Peterson DB TX 3* 2* Colo, Hou, UNM, NMSU, SMU, Tol, Wisc

If Tait's math is correct, that means there are only two more available scholarships. Here's a look at some remaining targets that Kansas is high on, and seem to be high on KU:

LOI JUCO Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Evan Fairs WR TX 3* 2* Illini, Terps, UNM, TSU, UTSA, UNLV
Bubba Ogbebor WR TX 3* 3* Boise, CSU, GSU, IU, Iowa, Nev, UNT, TTU
Christian Jegen WR KS NR 3* Northern Iowa, SDak
Joshua Bailey DT FL 3* 3* UCF, App St, Cin, Iowa St, Tem, WKU, USF
Isaiah Bean DE TX 3* 2* Fresno, Tulsa, Illini, ISU, ULL, TSU, UTSA
Hamp Cheevers DB FL 2* 2* BC, Buff, EMU, FAMU, Nev, USU, UMass
Desmond Fairell DB FL NR NR App St, FIU, UNI
Antione Webster DB FL 3* 3* USF, MU, WVU, IU, Illini, SYR, FAU

It honestly shouldn't be a very exciting signing day for Kansas - unless, of course, Amani Bledsoe has a last second change of heart.  (Somebody have John Hadl call him!)

There may be some signing day intrigue with one recruit. WR Evan Fairs was recently offered by Beaty. According to 247Sports, Fairs is is hot on Maryland, but Rivals seems to think it's more 50/50 between the Jayhawks and Terps.

Keep in mind this is only covering scholarship players. You may have seen and heard names like QB Dagan Haehn, WR Keegan Brewer, and K Quinton Conaway. These guys are all "preferred walk ons."

We'll try and stay on top of everything for you as Beaty continues to rebuild the roster.