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Player Ratings: Iowa State/KU

Magic? Or a combination of good shooting and lackluster defense?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

This is the fifth installment of the KU player ratings, and we might as well get into it. It was really a tale of two halves, but I can’t give two scores.

Kansas got off to a great start, and even though it appeared that they dominated, KU was only only up by seven at the half. It turns out that defense is required even if the other team isn’t going to play it.

But when you let a team stick around by not defending them, eventually it bites you. How long will the recklessly drive to the hole offense stick around? I guess if you have zero mobile big men (except Perry), it’s hard to run offense. I don’t know. I’m grasping at straws here.


10 - Magical, extraterrestrial, godlike

9 - Outstanding, truly fantastic, utterly brilliant

8 - Great, excellent

7 - Good

6 - Slightly above average, close to ‘Good’

5 - Slightly below average

4 - Poor

3 - Terrible

2 – Disastrous


Frank Mason- 4.5- Drove with ease early on and finally started to look like himself. Had some turnovers in the second half that cost the team dearly but it was by no means the reason for the loss. Far too many turnovers.

Wayne Selden- 5- Could do whatever he wanted in the first half, and then abandoned that philosophy in the second half.

Devonte’ Graham- 4.5- A better first half from Devonte than we’ve seen recently, but the second half was back to the Graham that we’ve seen in recent weeks. Iowa State guards could do anything they wanted.

Perry Ellis- 8- Could essentially do whatever he wanted in the first half, had eight points and the awareness at the end of the half to dish the ball off to Frank as time expire. Was the only source of hope in the second half.

Landen Lucas- 4- The game went a little too fast for Landen, yet he played consistently. I can’t explain it anymore.


Brannen Greene- 6- Nailed a few key threes early and contributed with some nice rebounds in the first frame. Didn’t contribute much in the second half.

Jamari Traylor- 4- Got into early foul trouble. Did nothing.

Carlton Bragg- 5- Had nice hands on a nice play in the first half. Played scrub minutes late.

Cheick Diallo- 5- Got some minutes late in the first half with Lucas and Jamari in foul trouble. Played scrub mintues late.

LaGerald Vick, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk-n/a- Played late scrub minutes.