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Can KU land a potenial program-changer in Amani Bledsoe?

As we get ever so close to National Signing Day we take a look at potential defensive linemen who could don the Jayhawk helmet.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

National Signing Day is not far away and with prospects holding out until the final minute we have no choice but to speculate how this whole recruiting cycle will end up. One thing we know though is that Kansas is still in last place in the Big 12 rankings and is in need of an influx of prospect commitments. We touched on the cornerbacks earlier this week; we will still stay on the defense for this article but turn our attention to the defensive line.


  • Manaia Perese, 3 Star DT is a JUCO prospect and committed to KANSAS
  • Isi Holani, 2 Star DT is a JUCO prospect and committed to KANSAS
  • DeeIsaac Davis, 2 Star DT is a JUCO prospect and committed to KANSAS
  • Lorenzo Neal, 2 Star DT is from Houston, Texas and lists Boise State, Fresno State, Kansas, Oregon State and Louisiana Lafayette as his final five.
  • Anthony Watts, 2 Star DT is from Houston, Texas and lists California, Colorado State, Kansas, Nevada and Rice as his final five.
  • Patrick Belany,2 Star DT is a JUCO prospect and lists Buffalo, Kansas, Kansas State and Southern Miss as his final five.

BEST PROSPECT: I would have to give the nod to the only three star on this list. Perese is a big prospects standing at 6'3'' and 277 lbs. From Snow College in Utah, he headlines the 5 JUCO prospects that are in the 2016 class.

BEST OF THE REST: Lorenzo Neal, though he is only a 2 star prospect, weighs in at a whopping 305 lbs and stands at 6'2''. Based off of those numbers alone I feel that he has a lot of potential for this Jayhawk team. He has a lot of raw talent but with the talent level the way it as of today, Kansas could use a really big guy like Neal.


  • Amani Bledsoe, 4 Star DE from Lawrence, Kansas has announced his final two are Oklahoma and Kansas. He is expected to commit this coming week.
  • Solomon Wise, 3 Star DE from Coppell, Texas lists Kansas and SMU as his final two.
  • Michael Queen, 2 Star DE from Olathe, Kansas lists Ball State, Boise State, Buffalo, Iowa State and Kansas as his final five.
  • Anthony Armour, 2 Star DE from Tulsa, Oklahoma lists Kansas, Northern Iowa and Tulsa as his final three.

BEST PROSPECT: With out a doubt, Amani Bledsoe is the best player in the entire defensive line list. This prospect is the type of home run Beaty and company need with only a couple weeks left. Growing up in KU's backyard, Amani is the 185th ranked overall recruit in the country and the 23rd ranked DE. Standing at 6'4'' and 266 lbs, he has been clocked at a 4.9 forty-yard dash. His length would help disrupt passing lanes and he has the vertical speed to stop sweeps and disrupt the read option.

BEST OF THE REST: I like Solomon Wise, not just because I think Kansas will land a commitment from him but because I can see him as a compliment on the other side of the line to Amani. I think this position group is the most important for this recruiting cycle. It is key that Coach Beaty land these two individuals.

In addition, landing Bledsoe would all but guarantee a KU jump over Kansas State and Iowa State in the recruiting rankings.