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KU Predictions: vs TCU Horned Frogs

Our writing crew prepares for today's game by telling you how it is going to go.

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It’s the game after the first conference loss, and Kansas has a golden opportunity to get back to what they want to be doing, at home against a bottom tier Big 12 school. Will the TCU Horned Frogs oblige and play the role of sacrificial lamb? Our writers take a look below.

KU Grad 08: TCU presents a good rebound opportunity for the Hawks. The Frogs with Horns don’t score, so while we’ll likely see a sluggish game, I don’t think KU will be in serious danger of dropping this one at home. Kansas 78, TCU 65.

dnoll5: Let’s see here. KU plays at home against a perennial doormat that they’ve dominated (one game as an exception, of course) on an annual basis. KU is coming off a humiliating defeat where they were insipid and soft from the start. KU will lose its number one ranking to someone, maybe Oklahoma. #Motivation, baby. Kansas 100, TCU 68.

Winmore: Horned Frogs, Jayhawk nation is so glad to see your wart riddled faces. After a road trip to each of the Big 12 Conference’s farthest outposts culminating in a frustrating beat down at the hands of slap ball champions West Virginia, the ‘Hawks are in need of a therapeutic whipping boy on which to vent their frustrations. Enter TCU, gracious enough to fill that role. The 11 conference title streak is nice and all, but Self should be okay with the possibility of letting that thing flame out by playing Bragg and Diallo more. Some of the games may get ugly, but he needs to go through the growing pains with those kids now, for March.This potential home laugher against TCU would be a good place to give this year’s youngsters a healthy dose of floor time. Kansas 103, TCU 60.

brendandzwierzynski: After that unfortunate showing in Morgantown, I have a hard time believing KU won’t bounce back in this one. Back in Allen Fieldhouse playing one of the lesser teams in the conference, seems like the beginnings of a winning formula to me. I don’t expect Mason to have another seven turnover game, nor do I expect a guy like Svi to be so ineffective offensively. I’d also love to see more than five minutes of Mickelson in this contest. In the end I think Kansas wins handily and will iron out some of the issues we witnessed against West Virginia. Kansas 91, TCU 71

Fizzle406: I expect a bloodbath. Kansas is going to come out swinging. TCU won’t even know what hit them. I want to see Mason get somewhat limited minutes as he seems to be dragging from the last couple games. Let him get a rest and let’s get Diallo and Bragg some extended minutes. Let them play through some mistakes. Kansas 96, TCU 69

LAHawk: As many of my fellow writers have pointed out, a visit from the Horned Frogs is a welcome sight for the Jayhawks. After a challenging slate to begin the beginning of the Big 12 season, Kansas should have no problem this TCU squad. Although TCU beat Texas and played SMU tight, I believe this team’s usual performance is closer to the 82-54 shellacking they received at Baylor on Wednesday night. I'm hopeful that all of Kansas’ starters play less than 30 minutes and Diallo gets some much needed practice in a weekend blowout. Kansas 88, TCU 62

mikeville: Here’s the problem with all y’all - contrary to dnoll5’s belief, I don’t think Kansas has "dominated" TCU in a basketball game since the Frogs joined the Big 12. We give them trouble for no apparent reason in football, and they return the favor on the hardwood. I don’t see any reason to expect a blowout. Is revenge from the West Viriginia debacle really a motivating factor here? I mean, I guess it could be, but it just doesn’t make sense. Whatever the line is, take the Frogs to cover it. I’m not buying that the Jayhawks will break out of whatever this funk is on Saturday. That said, Kansas 75, TCU 68

David: TCU plays a sluggish style of basketball with little offense. They're faced with the task of going to Allen Fieldhouse to play a team full of superior athletes eager to wash away the stink of Tuesday's loss. TCU may get some cheap points in the second half when it's already been decided, but this doesn't end well for the Horned Frogs. Kansas 90, TCU 68

misterbrain: Mike has it right here. Kansas won the 3 meetings with TCU by a grand total of 17 points combined (h/t Andrew Felts of Frogs O’ War). TCU was better last year than this year, but they were also much worse in the year they upset us. Just like how we always seem to play them close in football, they always seem to give us a game on the court. Kansas’ deeper bench and better overall talent wins out, but TCU keeps this close. Kansas 79, TCU 71.