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National Signing Day: 19 Days and the Cornerbacks

The Kansas Jayhawks have only 13 commits but with a month left that is bound to change for David Beaty and his staff.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In the days leading up to National Signing Day, we will discuss and look at a few key prospects from each position group that could possibly be signing their LOI for the Jayhawks come February 3rd. This article will talk about the cornerbacks, both committed and those who list Kansas in their top five.


  • Marquis Smith, Ranked 37th amongst CB, 3 Star from Ypsilanti, Michigan lists Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas and Syracuse as his top five.
  • Benji Franklin, Ranked 82nd amongst CB, 3 Star Houston, Texas lists Baylor, Kansas, Ole Miss, TCU and Texas as his top five.
  • Ian Peterson, Ranked 87th amongst CB, 3 Star from Round Rock, Texas is committed to Kansas
  • Brenton Nelson, Ranked 99th amongst CB, 3 Star from Hyattsville, Maryland lists Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, South Florida and Virginia as his top five.
  • Hamp Cheevers, 2 Star CB from Trenton, Florida lists Buffalo, Idaho, Kansas, Marshall and UMASS in his top five.
  • Kyle Mayberry, 2 Star CB from Tulsa, OK is committed to Kansas
  • Kyle Moses, 2 Star CB from Chula Vista, California lists California, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina State and Oregon as his top five.
  • Kam Lott, 2 Star CB from Jacksonville, Florida lists Alabama State, Delaware State, Georgia Southern, Kansas and Montana State as his top five.
  • Rodney Saulsberry, 2 Star CB from Memphis, Tennessee list Duke, Georgia State, Kansas, Memphis  and Michigan as his top five.
  • Mike Daniels, 3 Star CB from Globe Institute lists Kansas, West Virginia, Arizona, New Mexico and Temple as his top five. Daniels is a JUCO prospect.
  • Davion Tyler, 2 Star CB from Kansas City, Missouri lists Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Wyoming as his top four.
  • Desmond Fairell, 2 Star CB from Miami, Florida lists Appalachian State, Florida International, Kansas and Northern Iowa as his top four.
  • Cole Baird, 2 Star CB from Silver Lake, Kansas lists Central Arkansas, Illinois State, Kansas, Kansas State and North Dakota State as his top five.
  • Jordan Prince, 2 Star CB from Edmond, Oklahoma lists Kansas and Missouri as his final two.
If I had to pick the best prospect in this group I would have to say Marquis Smith would provide the most help to this Kansas secondary. Listed at 6'0'' and 170 lbs, Marquis runs a 4.70 40 yard dash. In addition to his defense that kind of speed could pay off in special teams as well.

Kyle Mayberry is an interesting prospect in the fact that Kansas has already received his commitment and he just so happens to be the fasted corner in this group. He does stand at only 5'10'' but at the college level speed is enough these days. I think if he doesn't redshirt he could serve as a nickel or dime corner.