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National Signing Day: 20 Days and the Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks finished last on the field this season and unless David Beaty and Co. make a late push it will be much of the same on the recruiting trail.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

With twenty days left until National Signing Day the Kansas Jayhawks find themselves trying to add as many as recruits as possible. The current class stands at 13 prospects with seven coming on the offense and six on the defense.  It is worth noting five prospects are JUCOs.

The top two prospects in the class so far belong to the trenches, one on each side. Manaia Perese, the 86th-ranked prospect in the nation is a 6'3'', 277 lbs three star defensive tackle. Manaia is a JUCO prospect from Snow College located in Utah which is also the home of the second prospect we are going to talk about - three star offensive guard Joe Malanga who stands at 6'4'' and 290 lbs. That is correct readers, the top two prospects for KU, as of right now, are JUCO athletes from the same community college. Not there is anything wrong with that, in fact it is encouraging that Coach Beaty could go to Utah and grab these guys from out of state.

However, let's be brutally honest - this class is currently ranked last in the Big 12. Perese and Malanga are the only two prospects nationally ranked right now by The highest rated high school prospect in this class is center Hunter Harris who you may remember was put on the cover of a fake NCAA Football game. Harris stands at 6'2'' and checks in at 250. Harris is from Aldeo High School in Aledo, Texas and is ranked as the 11th overall center in the nation. In addition to Harris there are three other prospects in this class that are ranked in their position group:

OLB Maciah Long who is ranked 37th in OLB

OG Chris Hughes who is ranked 77th in OG

CB Ian Peterson who is ranked 87th in CB

Three prospects to look for in the next three weeks include three star WR Bubba Ogbebor, three star RB Mike McCoy, and unranked CB Mike Daniels. Kansas is reportedly in the lead for both McCoy and Daniels and trails only Boise State for Ogbebor, who is the 122nd ranked WR in the nation.

We'll take a look soon at prospects that have Medium to High interest in the Kansas Jayhawks. It should be a fun read, so stay tuned!