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KU Predictions: at West Virginia

Our writing staff predicts how tonight's matchup will go for the Jayhawks in Morgantown.

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Oklahoma gave Kansas their toughest test of the season, and arguably the greatest game in Allen Fieldhouse in the Bill Self era. However, this road test against West Virginia if probably out toughest game to date, taking into account the hostile environment. How will the Jayhawks perform? We turn to our writing staff for their predictions.

David: It's been nice, winning streak, but I don't think we're ever going to see each other again. West Virginia doesn't get as much respect as they deserve. I think they've entered that top tier of Big 12 teams with Kansas, OU and ISU. Even when they're down, Morgantown is a tough place to play. This year, I'll be surprised if they drop a home game in conference. I expect to see too many turnovers and some frustratingly easy WV putbacks. I don't expect to see a Kansas victory, though I'm sure it will be fairly close. West Virginia 83, Kansas 74

Winmore: I think this Kansas team only has two more losses left in them for the regular season. I think the first of those two will come Tuesday night in Morgantown. Tough place to play. Good team. First truly difficult game away from Allen Fieldhouse on the schedule so far. An annoying hillbilly court storming will make the ESPN highlights. West Virginia 75, Kansas 70

Fizzle406: Winning on the road in the Big 12 is hard. Playing in Morgantown is hard. This is going to be a tough one for the Jayhawks. At least it will be the early game so I will probably miss the court storming. West Virginia 76, Kansas 72

mikeville: Good grief you guys are Debbie Downers. Are we not the #1 team in the country? Somebody who struggled to beat lowly K-State shouldn’t be any trouble for our guys. Plus, we had the wake-up call in Lubbock. The guys know it’s gonna be tough every night out, and they’ll come to play. Kansas 77, West Virginia 71.

KU Grad 08: Normally I’d lean towards KU losing this game, as it’s a road game against a good league opponent. However, since I’m in a good mood due to the Packers mauling Warshington earlier, I’ll play optimist and say that KU’s three guard attack breaks the press and KU turns in a strong showing from the charity stripe to pull it out. Kansas 78, Western Virginia 77.

NineToesBlogging: Kansas was sluggish last game and it kept things interesting. But what I saw was that this team can turn it on at any point and break a game open. Though it was only a ten point victory, the team seemed in control for the majority of the time. WVU is good. But I think Kansas is far better. Kansas 83, West Virginia 72

dnoll5: West Virginia is pretty good. And Morgantown is kind of far away from stuff. But, I just think KU is better (Sorry to steal from Nine Toes above me, but it’s true). Key KU men have gotten into foul trouble and the team has shaken it off. Kansas has had slow starts and the team has recovered. The Jayhawks have had an opponent have guys that scored 46 and 27 in the same game, and KU still won. A few ‘coon skins caps aren’t going to scare these Jayhawks. Kansas 82, West Virginia 70.

brendandzwierzynski: Last time KU and West Virginia played, I was holed up in a tiny dorm in Leicester, UK, watching the game long into the night online. I’m still feeling the high from that game. Kansas is a better team and is on a roll right now, one that won’t stop in Morgantown. I think the Mountaineers keep it close though. Kansas 81, West Virginia 76

misterbrain: I see this game a lot like the Oklahoma game, in that we have two highly rated teams looking to get a big leg up in the conference race. Obviously, KU isn't the home team this time, and Kansas is better than West Virginia overall. But West Virginia has a better team defense than the Sooners do, and they will have home court to help propel them to victory. If the Jayhawks get down early, I don't know that they can make the same kind of comeback. I see Kansas leading a majority of the game, but the Mountaineers will keep it close. Oh, and we'll only see 2 OTs this time. Kansas 92, West Virginia 89, 2OT.