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RCT Photo Contest

Send us your best KU related pictures

I can't speak for the other writers on here but I get bored picking from the same types of pictures every time I put up a News and Notes post. This gave me an idea. Since this is a site primarily by fans for fans, why not get some pictures from our members? I will give a $25 Amazon card to whoever sends me the best KU or RCT related picture to use in the News and Notes. It could be at a game, a scenic picture on campus, maybe a crowded bar during a KU game, something involving a RCT shirt...I don't know. It's up to you. As long as it's KU or RCT related we will use it in the N&Ns.

You have between now and the end of the basketball season to submit. You can email or tweet them to mikeville or I. At the end of the season we will pick our 4 favorite and put it up for a vote. This contest is in addition to the RCT T-Shirt Challenge so make sure you are still looking for unique or exotic locations to take pictures with your RCT shirts.