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South Dakota State: The View from Section 5

The following are the notes that I took during the game. Think of it as live-tweeting, though some comments are longer than 140 characters.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Got headed out of KC later than I wanted.  The car thermostat says 85 degrees.  Good grief, it's only 9:30 AM.

Parked in the Mississippi Street garage.  At least there's shade there on the lower levels, so my car won't be baking hot afterward!

Getting to the stadium kinda late.  Gonna watch the ‘Hawks come out of the locker room.

Well... that was... something.  Fun, I guess?

Alright, finally in section 5.  Good grief it's even more hot in the bleachers.

First Quarter

Opening kickoff went way through the back of the end zone.  That's a good sign.

Big pass play allowed by the defense - not such a good sign.

It. Is. So. Hot.

Good hold by the Jayhawks on third down, only allowing a field goal.

Third straight third down conversion by the offense on their first drive.  This is fun!

Ugh, Cozart, really?  Threw it right to him.  Can't do that in the red zone.  Or anywhere, really.

The right side of the defense is getting shredded - just allowed SDSU their first TD.

Hopefully the kick return by Schadler will jumpstart the rest of the team.  Let's see if we can get the ball back on defense.

KU kickoff goes out of the end zone again.  It's about time.

Good grief secondary, if you're gonna hold, at least don't let them score.  17-7 SDSU now.

The KU offense answers the SDSU score with a three and out and a late hit penalty after the punt return.  Good grief here we go again.

That is the third penalty on the Jayhawks by my count.  Includes two on the opening drive for the KU offense.  Gotta cut back on the penalties.

KU defensive line is getting ZERO penetration.

End of the first quarter, KU trails 17-7.

First quarter impressions - SDSU running game is either going up the middle or to the right side of the KU defense.  And they're generally having success with it.  The D-line is getting no pressure, and the offense hasn't been in rhythm since Cozart's interception that ended a promising first drive.

Second Quarter

Just moved up a few rows to the top of section 5, underneath the press box.  It's SO MUCH cooler in the shade.  This I can handle.

SDSU scores again - holy crap, what is Baylor going to do to this defense?

In fairness, that was a great play by the receiver as SDSU goes up 24-7.

The T-shirt cannon is alive and well at Memorial Stadium.  It's awesome!  Hope no one loses an eye...

The wife went and stood in the concession stand line for 20 minutes.  The people in front of her had no idea what they wanted when they got to the front of the line.

You've been in line for 20 minutes, how do you not know what you want???

Cozart doesn't tuck the ball away on a scramble, gets lit up and fumbles.

SDSU scores again, its now 31-7.  This time it didn't take a great play by the receiver, as at least three KU defenders were laying on the ground during that pass play.

So Willis just came and threw two passes (way off target) and was immediately replaced by Cozart, who converted the long third down.

It is GLORIOUS up here in the shade.

A wide receiver reverse play gets the KU offense in the end zone.  Maybe there's a little fight in this team?

If KU wants to get back into this, down 31-14, the defense needs to get the ball back on this drive.

Turnover, punt, something.  Anything.  Please.  Still plenty of time before halftime, over 5 mins left.

Cozart does seem to be running harder this year than he did at any point last year, when he frequently shied away from contact.

Kinner with a BIG run through a wide-open hole up the middle, gets this crowd fired up a little bit before halftime.

SDSU finally stops the KU offense on fourth down; the Jayhawks started the game 3/3 on fourth downs.

SDSU d-back may have gotten away with some contact on that fourth down.  I'm not sure I like going for the TD on fourth and three.  One minute to go before half.

And SDSU is gonna try and get some more points here.

KU finally gets pressure without blitzing, picking up a sack and ending the SDSU bid to extend the lead before half.

That was all D-line there.  Good work boys.  We're gonna need a lot more of that if we're gonna get back into this game.

Almost blocked the punt - man that would have been huge with 30 seconds to go in the half.


Halftime is here, and people are cheering the ‘Hawks as they run off the field?  I don't get it.  You're down 31-14.

We're on pace for a 62-28 game.

Lots of people leaving, especially on the east side... kinda doubt very many of them will return.

Third Quarter

Jayhawks march right down the field on the opening drive.  Defense needs to hold; ‘Hawks only down 10 now.

Defense bends, gives up a hands to the face penalty, but then gets a sack to force a punt.

Really need the offense to go down and put more pressure on SDSU here.

Cozart really seems pretty calm under pressure.  He's doing a good job buying time, rolling out, and then deciding at that point whether to tuck and run or wing it downfield.

KU offense 2/2 on drives in the third quarter in terms of scoring touchdowns.

What remains of the crowd is definitely back into the game.

Not sure what's going on with SDSU's offense in the second half.  Either their QB is rattled, or we're doing something different, or... something.  He is definitely off and their offense is flat, and it's giving the Jayhawks a chance to come back here.

KU down 3 with the ball and eight minutes to go in the third quarter.

Defense holds SDSU to a field goal with just over a minute left in the third quarter.  KU now down 6.

Fourth Quarter

Jayhawks down six facing third-and-8 from the SDSU 39 yard line.  Offense has gotta get back in the end zone.

Kinner seems to be getting stronger as the game goes on.

It's nice to see a football team that's in as good (or better) condition than their opponents.

A fade?  Really coach?  Come on...

Jayhawks with third-and-goal from the four, 12 minutes left, down 6.  Timeout.

KU settled for the field goal.

I'm wondering if that was a mistake - might not have another opportunity to take the lead away from SDSU.  Time is becoming a factor.  11:18 left.

If the defense is gonna get a turnover today, NOW is the time.

Defense could not hold on fourth-and-five, and it may cost the Jayhawks the game.  Still 7:30 to go, but SDSU all the way to the KU six yard line and still leading by three.

Defense you gotta do something.

SDSU in full "run clock" mode with 7 minutes left, taking every available second off the play clock as they try to extend their lead to two scores.

SDSU gets back into the end zone.

Pretty quiet in Memorial Stadium now.

Beautiful pass play to Parmalee over the top, followed by Montell Cozart dropping the snap?  Is that really what I just saw?

Good grief.

Another penalty on the offense - false start.  Third and goal from the 5 is now third and goal from the 10.

2:40 left.  Gotta get in the end zone now, this drive is taking too long.

KU only has two timeouts left.  Not sure when they used their first timeout, but they're gonna really miss it if they score here.

And score they do, beautiful flag pattern by Kent Taylor and Cozart easily hits him for the TD (pictured above).

2:18 left.

Not sure you can risk an onside kick here.  Really need that third timeout...

If SDSU gets two first downs, this game is over.

Jayhawks kick it deep, as I thought they would.

Oh good another penalty.  Facemask on the defense.  There's one first down.

Clock does NOT stop on the defensive penalty.

Third and seven.  Jayhawks out of timeouts.  Gotta stop them here.  And even if we do, there will only be 40-50 seconds left for the offense.

Nice return by Parmalee.  Ball on the KU 41 yard line.  Only need about 30 yards for field goal attempt.  39 seconds to go.  No timeouts.

Um... a five yard pass to the middle of the field is not a good idea here, Cozart.


That wasted 20 seconds we don't have.


Um... what just happened.

Did he fumble the snap?

He fumbled the snap.

He. Fumbled. The. Snap.

And then fell on the ball - when no one was rushing.

I know that's you're instinct, but come on, what about game awareness?  They knew you were gonna spike it.  No one was rushing.  You can't fall on the ball there.  You pick it up and spike it.

What an awful way to lose a game.  Cozart with two big mental errors on that final drive.

Forget these guys.  I'm gonna go watch the volleyball match.

At least they know how to win.

That's unfair and I apologize.  The staff has their work cut out for them with this football program.  At least it was an exciting game.

The offense moved the ball.

Lots of things to build on here.  Lots of things to work on, too.

I really am going to the volleyball game - after I cool off in the union for a bit.