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Kansas Falls to Rutgers, 27-14

Jayhawk offense can't get going; road losing streak now at 34 games.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

In a game that was billed all week as the "anti-game-of-the-century" - ok, I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to say it that way - Rutgers held on against Kansas for a 27-14 win.

Both teams had lots of chances to score more.  Penalties were rampant, primarily by Rutgers (10 for 80 yards).  The refs even missed a few fairly obvious ones, including a really bad facemask by Rutgers as KU returned a kickoff.

Deondre Ford started in place of Montell Cozart, as Cozart was dealing with "flu-like" symptoms.  Ford played into the second quarter before coming out of the game with a sprained thumb.  Cozart played the rest of the way and was, well... at this point, he is what he is.

The Jayhawks defense once again was porous despite picking up three more turnovers, two INTs and  fumble.  In fairness, one of the INTs was on a Rutgers Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

The scoreboard didn't really show it, but this game was basically a blowout.  Rutgers dominated Time of Possession 37:59/22:01.  They outgained the Jayhawks 513/342.  Total first downs were 31/18 Rutgers.

Ke'Aun Kinner was held to 23 rushing yards on 15 attempts, but did punch in 2 TDs and added 49 receiving yards on three catches.  Tyler Patrick also looked capable today, hauling in three receptions for 70 yards.

But this Kansas defense... this amazing, incredible, beautiful Kansas defense... words can't describe...

Rutgers had two 100+ yard rushers and went for 312 total rushing yards, averaging 5.4 yards per rush.  Why they ever bothered to throw a pass, I don't know.

Here's the thing: we should have been able to score more on that defense.  Rutgers had four freshmen running around in their secondary.  The O-Line was awful, and the D-Line was even worse.  I am genuinely terrified of what is going to happen when we play teams like the Bears, Sooners, and Frogs.  (If those teams don't put up 70+ on this defense, then they have no business being in the college football playoff, I'll tell you that much.)

Next week, Kansas travels to Ames, Iowa, to face the Hawkeyes for what will be KU's last semi-realistic shot at a victory in 2015 (in yet another 11 AM kick).  Based on what we've seen in the first three games, I wouldn't get my hopes too high.