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David previews the upcoming game between Kansas and Rutgers on blogtalkradio

I got a chance to talk Kansas football on the R B1G live podcast on blogtalkradio last night. I'll work on trying to embed the audio in this post, but for now just use the link in the first sentence. We went over Kansas vs Rutgers on both sides of the ball, and talked players to watch, the many reasons behind KU's current football struggles, and I gave my prediction for the game.

Talking to Jerry, the host, it sounds like Rutgers is built for the Big 10. They use a fullback and have some big offensive linemen. Defensively, they aren't quite set up to defend the spread, with a front seven designed to stuff the running game. This could work to our favor offensively, but I think we'll see the Kansas defense getting pushed backward more often than not. Go ahead and give the full interview a listen!

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