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David talks Big 12 and Kansas football on the Big 12 Breakdown with Mark Rogers

Once again, I got the chance to sit it on the Big 12 breakdown with Mark Rogers this week, joined by SB  Nation compatriots Gerald Tracy from Cowboys Ride for Free and Melissa from Frogs O War. We talked about the beef between Kliff Kingsbury and Bret Bielema, the new age of college coaching, uncertainty at the top of the conference, the rise of Texas Tech, and even spent a few seconds talking about Kansas (I was the only one of the three panelists to not pick Kansas over Rutgers this week!). We also reviewed last week's games, and gave all our picks this week's upcoming games. Warning: my internet connection was acting up and the video feed is shaky when the camera's on me.

We have a bunch of Big 12 bloggers rotating in and out of the show, so I probably won't be on again for a few weeks, but as always, if you're up early on Tuesdays, you can listen to me on the radio through Wichita's 1410 KGSO. I'm on around 6:40 AM Jayhawk Time to discuss all things Kansas, and occasionally go on other rants.

Questions? Comments? You can e-mail me at, or follow me on twitter @BL_analytics