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Big 12 SB Nation Whiparound: Week 3

Let's see how each team's blog reacted to their team's game over the opening weekend.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Tulsa 38, @ #16 Oklahoma 52

The Sooners got into a shootout that I'm not sure very many folks anywhere expected.  Tulsa never really threatened much to actually win the game, but were within a touchdown at halftime (31-24).  Oklahoma pretty much dominated the second half, building a 52-31 lead before the Hurricane put up a late TD.  CCM was in awe of Baker Mayfield, but at the same time was pretty disappointed in the defensive effort:

Baker Mayfield scored six touchdowns and produced more total yards today than any other Oklahoma quarterback has ever had. He was phenomenal yet again and showed some big play making ability. He finished 32/38 passing with 487 yards and 85 yards on the ground.

The Sooner defense allowed over 500 yards of an offense to a Tulsa team that won two games last season. Now they've already won two games this season, but the Oklahoma defense made them look like Baylor. The defensive backs got beat multiple times on simple pass plays, including a hail mary to end the first half.

Louisiana Tech 33, @ Kansas State 39 (3OT)

If you ask me, K-State got lucky to win this game.  A field goal plunked off the upright and went through.  A TD pass somehow found its way through about four players to the back of the endzone and fell into a Wildcat's hands.  Also, (and this is completely my opinion) it sure looked like there was some pass interference on LaTech's last two plays of the game, but no flags came down.  Sometimes, it really is better to be lucky than good.

The LaTechsters gave KSU all they wanted, and it was evident from the beginning of the game.  After going into halftime down 10-6, when asked by the sideline reporter what he was going to do about the Wildcat offense, Bill Snyder replied, "I need 11 new guys."  BOTC was summarily unimpressed:

It wasn't a perfect effort by any stretch, but not only did the drop rate decrease dramatically, there were some exceptional catches -- especially Kody Cook's third quarter touchdown grab. No, today most of the problems in the passing game can be laid at the feet of Joe Hubener, who was off the mark on quite a few throws despite having all day to throw.

A huge chunk of Louisiana Tech's yardage on offense had nothing to do with effort or execution on the part of the defense. The Bulldogs had several plays where Tom Hayes was simply outsmarted by Louisiana Tech offensive coordinator Tony Petersen. It was obvious to the viewer; Wildcat defenders were executing their assignments, and the play went where they weren't.

UTSA 14 @ #25 Oklahoma State 69

Not much to say here, so I'll just let CRFF take it:

The offense, which has been a cause for worry in the first two weeks, showed the fans and media alike that it might just be ok after all, moving the ball for 529 yards.

This defense is great. Having not allowed more than 14 points in any game this year. I really don't care who you're playing, that's nice.

Texas Tech 35, @ Arkansas 24

I know that I, for one, was surprised when I saw the final score for this game.  I did not watch any of it, so let's have Viva The Matadors tell us what they saw:

We have obviously shown improvement through three games. In fact, I will say I have seen improvement in all three phases of the game. The offensive is deadly. The defense can hold their own. The special teams are not a liability. Although the missed FG was ugly.

... turnovers and penalties have been much improved this season. The two turnovers tonight were not terrible. One was nothing more than a punt and the other was a hail mary at the end of the half. For the first time in a long time I didn't feel like I was watching a sloppy team for most of the game.

One more note, Kliff Kingsbury went off on Arkansas coach Bret Bielema in the postgame presser:

That's a program that prides themselves on being physical.  At the Texas high school coaches convention this summer, he stood up and said, "If you don't throw to the fullback, we'll kick your ass, and if you throw it 70 times a game, we'll kick your ass.''  He just got his ass kicked twice in a row and probably next week by A&M as well.  So, that did feel good.

For what it's worth, Tech only put the ball in the air 31 times (versus 27 rushing attempts) - completing 27 of those passes.

California 45, @ Texas 44

Many people expected Cal to come in and punk Texas - and for a while, they did, as Cal built a 45-24 lead going into the fourth quarter.  But a furious Longhorn rally was silenced when their senior placekicker pushed a PAT wide with 71 seconds left on the clock.  BON was heartbroken, but believes that UT has finally found its quarterback in freshman Jerrod Heard:

There's hope now after years in the quarterback wilderness and there's no way to quantify that. There's some fight in this team, even though it's far from perfect. After the game, head coach Charlie Strong said the hoped the team turned the corner during its comeback, a belief that will be tested with a difficult start to the conference season looming.

However, the defense is still a big question mark:

In all, the defense struggled mightily once again to defend the run, allowing 280 rushing yards on 6.8 yards per attempt and even let Goff scramble to several important first downs, even though he's not known as a runner and entered the game with only a handful of runs over 10 yards.

SMU 37, @ #3 TCU 56

In the annual "Battle for the Iron Skillet," this was a 5-point game with under 7 minutes to play.  Frogs O War didn't feel good until the clock showed triple zeros:

The Frog and Pony show ended with another "W" for TCU, but it was tense one.  No one let out a breath until that clock ran all the way down to 0:00.  It was a good test for TCU, who showed they can continue to push and adjust for injuries.  Looking ahead to Big 12 play next week, the Frogs should be focusing on two things:  blocking and healing.

Not only is TCU struggling with injuries, but penalties are a concern as well:

We ended the night with 9 penalties for a whopping 115 yards.  By comparison, SMU ended the night with 4 penalties for 39 yards.  In some ways, we were our own worst enemies tonight.

Iowa State 23, @ Toledo 30 (2OT)

Oh, Iowa State.  Aren't you glad Kansas is around to pick on?  From WRNL:

Penalties? Check. Turnovers? Check. Missed field goals? Check. Loss to a MAC team? Check.

Toledo scored a touchdown on the first possession of the second overtime.  I'll let WRNL recap what happened on ISU's turn:

Needing a touchdown to extend the game, the Cyclone offense took the field and took a couple shots toward the end zone, but both fell incomplete. On 3rd down, Richardson found Dondre Daley over the middle to advance Iowa State to the 10 yard line and get them a 1st down. After a Trever Ryen screen pass for a yard or two and an incomplete pass on a Richardson roll out, it set ISU up with a 3rd and goal. Richardson's pass to Allen Lazard at the goal line was dropped, which put the Cyclones into a score-or-lose situation on 4th down.

In true Iowa State fashion, Toledo's minimal three or four man rush blew up the offensive line and Richardson was sacked.

Tweeted WRNL:

Smart play to take the sack there so you can live to fight on 5th down.

The Cyclones have a bye before hosting the Jayhawks in what's sure to be their (and our) conference-game super bowl.