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David talks Big 12 and Kansas on the Big 12 Breakdown with Mark Rogers

Last night I got a chance to sit down with host Mark Rogers, along with Today's U's Sean Cordy and David Smith from SBN's own Smoking Musket, to talk about Big 12 football in general, and even got a chance to talk a little Kansas. I would encourage you to watch the whole thing, and to visit Mark's YouTube channel, where he's always talking college football, and specifically Big 12 football on Wednesdays at 8pm Jayhawk Time. However, if you're strapped for time the brief KU talk comes around the 13:20 mark.

This week's topics of conversation included Texas' trajectory after their rough start and the firing of their AD, Oklahoma's exciting OT road win over Tennessee, and whether Baylor is in trouble. Each panel member also picks all this week's action in the Big 12 (in which three teams already have a bye week). Enjoy!

Also, if you're awake early on Tuesday mornings, you can always listen to me on Wichita's KGSO 1410 Sports Radio. My segment starts around 6:35, and you can listen live through the linked website.

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