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K-Uniform Review: Memphis

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of the season opener against Memphis.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Kansas came out in a mono-blue uniform that actually grew on me as the game went on, but there was obvious room for improvement.  This week, we saw that improvement.  While I was fearful that the powers that be would try to utilize more red than they needed to distinguish themselves from the also blue Memphis Tigers, I was pleasantly surprised that KU went part traditional, part non-traditional in the clash against Memphis.

White Pants

The first change from last week was the introduction of the white pants.  Man, this team looks so good when they decide to go blue over white.  The contrast is there, and the uniform just pops.  This is the best that KU can look at home as far as a jersey/pants combo goes.  The best. I’ve been on record as saying that I love the traditional light grey pants worn in the Mangino era, but these look great. Somehow, I think they look even better when KU wears their white helmet. Speaking of…

White Helmet

I love the white helmet.  I loved it when it had a small Jayhawk, and I loved it last year when it had the large Jayhawk.  I love it this year even more.  The chrome Jayhawk with the chrome facemask looks amazing.  At Big XII media days, we saw the initial version of the chrome Jayhawk on the white helmet, but it was considerably smaller than this one. What the Hawks wore today is a massive improvement.

The bigger picture with this great looking white/blue/white uniform combination is that we will probably be in for a surprise each week in the David Beaty era. After Clint Bowen set in stone a definite home and road look, Beaty appears to be a little more experimental. And even if KU only uses blue and white elements to their uniforms this season (let’s home so) that still gives Kansas eight different looks. Kansas might not have the best football team this season, but they are certainly one of the better-looking teams in college football.