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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes: 9.11.15

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll."

NEVER forget.

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KU offensive line off to a solid start | Tale of the Tait |

It's been a number of games, and years, really, since we've watched a Kansas football game and not noticed the offensive line in some way, shape or form. That's a good thing, by the way. Because, the way things typically go, the more that O-Lines are noticed, the bigger the concern.

Like his cleats, Ke'aun Kinner a perfect fit for Kansas Jayhawks - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

“From what I’d heard, Kansas really doesn’t care when they lose,” Kinner said. “But the environment is changing. Now I felt like a lot of people were very down, hated the fact we lost and knew we were better than the team we played. I was proud of us for making it a game.”

The 3rd Degree with T.J. Semke

In addition to being a feature, The 3rd Degree will also air weekly on Jayhawk Insider, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel. Falco gives Semke a minute and a half to answer as many questions as he can in rapid-fire format.

University of Kansas Athletics - Once A Jayhawk, Always A Jayhawk: Bryan Sperry

"We had 138 guys out and the first time I lined up I was on the 13th team," Sperry said. "All the other ends were at least four inches taller than me. Needless to say, I was the bottom man on the totem pole."

It only took a few days, however, for Sauer and the other coaches to notice Sperry's talent. "I caught one of their prized ends with an elbow and knocked him flat on the ground. They wanted to know what my name was then," Sperry boasted.

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Pittsburgh, West Virginia announce 'Backyard Brawl' will return in 2022 -

One of college football's oldest rivalries will return in 2022 as Pittsburgh and West Virginia have agreed to a four-year series.

Memphis president reverses course, says school won't honor Calipari -

Memphis president Dr. David Rudd, 24 hours after announcing his school would honor former coach John Calipari this December, said Thursday there will be no celebration of Calipari at Memphis after all, which was an admitted response to a slew of criticism.

Five rivalries worth watching again - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

There are plenty of great rivalries in college football, but here are five that have fallen by the wayside but deserve to be revived. (Mr. Ed says: No surprises on this list.)

Sixth Rutgers player charged in home invasions, dismissed immediately -

Lloyd Terry was arrested on robbery charges and dismissed from the football team.

Charlie Weis blames Irish failures on… overly-ambitious assistants he hired? | CollegeFootballTalk

There have been a lot of excuses for head-coaching failures over the years, but this one may take the cake.  Hell, it may take the whole dessert cart.

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A Star Trek fan explains what's wrong with the KSU band formation -

Did they even watch Star Trek before doing this?

Jo Jo White to enter Hall tonight |

Thirty-four years after his playing career ended, the 68-year-old former Kansas University/Boston Celtics standout today will be enshrined in the prestigious Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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LOOK: Hawaii to wear awesome retro uniforms against Ohio State -

Hawaii is going old-school with its uniform for its game against Ohio State.

- Never Forget -

Remember 9/11. Where were you when it happened?