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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.01.15

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Jayhawks Host Jackrabbits to Kickoff 2015 Season

After a long summer and fall camp, the Kansas football team welcomes FCS foe South Dakota State to Memorial Stadium to kickoff the 2015 season Saturday, September 5, at 11 a.m.

KU football reveals captains for 2015 season |

KU officials revealed Monday morning that junior quarterback Montell Cozart, senior defensive end Ben Goodman and junior safety Fish Smithson would serve as KU's captains for the 2015 season, an honor that first-year coach David Beaty recently called "one of the biggest (honors) you could ever receive in your college career."

Kansas football notebook |

Coaching staff emphasizing smart, penalty free game in season opener; Beaty excited for first game as head coach; Jayhawks by 5 according to one online betting site; Jimmay Mundine and Nigel King waived by Patriots and 49ers

Kinner, Mann in friendly competition

"That's my little brother," Mann said of the Little Elm (TX) product. "He's a good guy, a great person. He catches on really fast. He don't need me or Taylor (Cox). He's a really smart dude. He's going to do great things."

Return game still in competition mode

"That's one of those deals where ball security is the number one and utmost importance on special teams," Hyman said. "It all starts the number one goal is a 100 percent stat of maintaining possession. Anything else after that is let the offense or defense set up. You can't put the ball on the turf. You have to take care of the ball and giving it away or bringing it out eight yards deep in the end zone isn't what we're looking for."

OL appears set, young players developing

The first unit has been running the same for most of fall camp with Jordan Shelley-Smith (LT) Bryan Peters (LG), Keyon Haughton (C), D'Andre Banks (RG) and Larry Mazyck (RT).  "Those five guys that have taken 95% of the snaps with the ones," Yenser said. "Those are probably our most five consistent offensive lineman together. But the other guys with Gibson, Rhodes, and Bragg are all right there."

Likens, Beaty on same page with offense

"Coach Beaty and myself have a great relationship," Likens said. "He (Beaty) has a gift. You're not afraid to speak your mind around him. You know he's your boss and you respect that, but also knowing that he isn't going to belittle you when you give your thoughts. You can be open and talk to him but at the end of the day he's the boss and we go with what he says. He creates an environment where you feel comfortable enough where you can speak the truth and you just don't have to tell him what you think he wants to hear."

Yenser knew what to change right away

"When I got here and we had our first offensive line meeting it was like they were scared puppies," Yenser said. "They were beat down and just sitting like I am here (Yenser slumps and folds arms). I told them that isn't going to fly. I told them were going to have confidence and you're not going to be scared to mess up."

Bowen still looking for answers on DL

"It looks like both spots will be played by quite a few different bodies which in today's football with the tempo is what you have to do any ways," Bowen said. "We're going to roll some guys through there."

Bowen on linebackers, secondary

"Joe is behind Marcquis and is learning a new position," Bowen said. "He was a high school quarterback. He came in here is a safety and then played running back. So this is his first time playing linebacker and he has learned a lot on the run. Ogbebor is a young kid and is a good football player. He will be in there."

Bill Self says he's 'confident' freshman Diallo will be cleared to play this season |

“The thing about it is ... it’s been mis-reported a lot — that there’s been good news, bad news. There hasn’t been any news because the NCAA hasn’t told us no on Cheick. They haven’t told us yes. But also we haven’t wanted them to tell us anything yet, either, because I think it’s nice to see how things play out with other kids who went to that school so we have a better angle of what we’re trying to address, than just going in there cold saying, ‘Here’s your stuff, make a determination.’’’

Jayhawks360 Offers Inside Look at Kansas Athletics Facilities

Fans of Kansas Athletics are now free to digitally roam the Jayhawks' athletics facilities with access to 75, 360-degree panoramic spins as part of the department's Jayhawks360 interactive tour.

Happy New Year for Kansas Swimming and Diving

"It's like New Year's Day," a giddy Clark Campbell, head coach of the Jayhawks, said poolside. "For our calendar, the first day of practice in the fall is the start of a new year for swimming and diving so everything is based off of that. We've had our Christmas break, so to speak, and now we're back at it swimming here."

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