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Kansas Football Uniforms: 2015 Speculation

Let’s take a look and examine the KU football uniforms through some internet leaks.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the season about to get underway, it’s time for a little speculation regarding KU’s football uniforms. Last season promised to have a different combination for every game and that happened….at least until Charlie Weis was fired. Once he was (after KU wore their hideous Crimson Chrome uniforms no less), interim coach Clint Bowen decided to go with an all white look on the road and a traditional blue with grey pants look at home. What can we expect from David Beaty from a uniform perspective? Here are some clues.

While we learned absolutely nothing from the spring game from a uniform perspective, there have been some hints on twitter and other social media sites. A few visuals from Big 12 media days and marketing tweets through the KU football account have emerged as well. Here are a few:

A New Blue Helmet?

At Big 12 media days, David Beaty took to the podium with a new blue helmet at his side. This helmet reverts to the KU lettering and gets rid of the giant Jayhawk. It also trades a grey facemask for a chrome blue facemask. It may or may not be a game day helmet, but it has been seen on promos for KU football and is featured on the KU football season poster (although the poster features a chrome colored facemask).

The center stripe has also potentially changed, from a single red stripe to a red stripe bordered with thinner white stripes. We’ll see if that happens.

Chrome on the White Helmet?

Last year, KU wore the white helmet quite frequently but in that same photo of Beaty, the helmet has undergone some changes from last season. One, the facemask looks to have a shiny chrome finish. Two, the Jayhawk is definitely smaller, and definitely shinier. In this shot, the Jayhawk has been replaced with the KU lettering. It’s possible that the stickers will be traded on a game-by-game basis. Either way, it appears that chrome could be a key component to the KU football look this season. And that brings me to….

Chrome Numbers

For the home blue jersey, it is very apparent that the numbers will have a reflective chrome finish. During promo shots in front of the green screen, the shininess is very obvious. This could be a cool new feature to the KU uniform regimen. The players are wearing white pants in all those promo shots, so take that for what it’s worth.

By the way, those blue jerseys all have some strange Adidas style logo integrated into it that comes out when the contrast on this picture is enhanced. As long as I can’t see it from a distance and that the colors don’t get more intense when the players sweat, I’m okay with the design.

There has been no sighting of a new white jersey with chrome numbers yet. We also haven’t seen anything in red other than the Crimson Chrome get ups that they wore against Texas last season.

Some Other Things

Twitter has been pretty active in randomly throwing out clues as to some surprises for KU uniforms.

For instance, will KU break out the Crimson Chrome uniforms again but with a different helmet? It’s been modeled with different helmets on different occasions.

Is there a crazy new look that could emulate the entire body of a Jayhawk? Judging by the helmet that the kid in this picture is wearing, there could be. That helmet features the eye of the Jayhawk and a yellow facemask representing the beak. Could be even weirder than Crimson Chrome.

Rest assured that if/when KU makes some of these components official, we’ll be right here for some analysis.