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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.28.15

Happy Friday!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

- Kansas Sports -

Kansas defense works on run-pass balance |

This question, “Are we better against the run or pass,” is one that every defense asks itself at the beginning of every season and does not stop analyzing and evaluating until the final week. So where do the Jayhawks, who are replacing nearly every key contributor from the 2014 defense, stand?

- College Sports -

Just how important is quarterback play? | BL analytics

It’s no secret that a good quarterback is important in football. So married to the quarterback is the sports world that the all-time great QBs are frequently measured in terms of how many championship rings they have, as though the quarterback alone earned the title. With this in mind, I set out to get an idea of how important the QB is in FBS.

Several Big 12 teams sporting new looks in 2015 | FOX Sports

At Kansas, the team has flipped its logo patches and changed its numbers from white to chrome. The Jayhawks also have new helmets.

2015 Big 12 Expert Picks: Overrated, underrated, predicted order of finish -

Is TCU severely overrated? Does Oklahoma have a chance to take down the Texas powerhouses for the league title? All that and more is discussed in our 2015 Big 12 Expert Picks.

- Potpourri -

MLB prevails over Barry Bonds in collusion case over his career ending -

Baseball's arbitrator said MLB did not act in concert when Bonds failed to find a playing job after the 2007 season.

AI Can't Make Heads or Tails of the 'Star Trek' Theme

Asking a neural network to identify objects in the opening credits to Star Trek: The Next Generation produces hilarious results.

- Videos of the Day -

Drone rudely interrupts man sunbathing on 200-foot-tall wind turbine

Initially, the man didn't seem too pleased about being discovered, and it appears that he even flipped the drone off. But Miller told the Mirror, "Upon landing he saw me bring the drone down and was leaning over the edge. I looked up and wave to him and he waved back."

Middle school QB does ninja cartwheel to avoid sack, throws touchdown bomb -

Who says middle school football isn't exciting?

Usain Bolt tripped up by runaway Segway cameraman -

The uprising has begun.

WATCH: Kick save turns into circus 1-3-1 putout for first-place Mets -

The Mets turned an incredible 1-3-1 putout Thursday night. You have to see it to believe it.